ZwiftPower GC created for 2021 Tour de Zwift

I agree , when I saw GC I got a bit excited but what was proposed turned out to not be GC at all , instead it was a points leaderboard . Aside for the fact they annouced something and failed to deliver it , how come there seems to be a bit of a gap in understanding of what General Classification means in cycling events , just makes me really concerned that the future of virtual racing might be in the hands of people with no domain knowledge about the sport .

As a result of this perhaps Zwift might consider opening up the API a bit more , there are a host of talented people more than capable of delivering features like this , and more (since to correct you this was not a GC leaderboard it was a points leaderboard , GC is based on accumulated times ) , all they need is basic system APIs ( with due governance and controls in place around access and data privacy ) .

I was always wondering how they could have a GC leader when each leg of the Tour had 3 routes (4 routes, sorry ladies).
I guess an enterprising computer programmer with an interest in cycling could say “hey, lets have a GC leader for each of the routes”.
You ride all the A routes and you may be the A GC leader but someone else is the C route GC leader.

That would get folks wanting to race all 3 or 4 routes and it would be like 4 separate TDZ.

You can still compete one of each segment to complete it as a ride and get the kit.

That’s what happened last year. There was a GC on time and there was the point system as well. It gives more motivation and more excitement over one’s results. It’s a bit hard scoring in the top 20. I think it also brought more riders in the make-up races since they offered the same point system with far fewer entrants.
I’m disheartened but still pressing on in the Tour.

What’re the chances we could get this for 2022?

I would say zero - see post #8 (technically the events arent setup to run GC results across)