Tour de Zwift your ranking

Hello guys anybody tell me
After after doing TDZ show you
What position we come cheers Shaun :+1::fire_engine:

Hi @Shaun_Jones_yeti , there is no ranking this year, no GC on zwiftpower either.

Sign up for ZwiftPower, the results are all on there

What Ian said.


Cheers Mike ride on catch you out there

When it comes to finishing place, always remember the lowest number on ZwiftPower
I was actually 26th yesterday but 17th on ZP. :sunglasses:

Tour de Zwift officially is a sequence of group rides, i.e., Zwift does not rank participants at the finish line. However, Zwiftpower counts these events as races. If you are on ZwiftPower, you can check on your standing among other participants in your racing category.