Tour de Zwift GC

Does Zwift (or Zwift Power) rank racers by total elapsed time in a multi stage event like the Tour de Zwift? Possibly just at the end after all stages are complete? By category? That seems too interesting to not calculate, or maybe I’m missing something.

Good question!

This year is something new. ZwiftPower is using a point system. But I think it is a bit of a mess.At Zwiftpower, click on “Leagues” and then Tour de Zwift open race.

Oh, they just added a timed GC

zwiftpower tour de zwift gc

zwiftpower tour de zwift points race

I see the category A, B, C results, but no D. Do I just need to be patient?

I notice the link above is for the “ride” not the “race”. Maybe that’s why there is no D category data? I did 7 stages of “races” in Category D. Is there a different ranking link for races.

There all there on my page.

GC version was only added after stage 7 and appears to not list everyone.
It seems like an afterthought that they posted it.
I just barely got the points I needed by passing a few racers right before the line.
Totally worth all the sweat and tears for those seven event races.

I see category D in the points ranking. I was hoping for time ranking like the link above took me to (see picture of Cat A). There is nothing I can get to come up for Category D, just A-C.

Thanks Zwift. Go to zwift power - leagues - open race gc - category.

yeah, it is working fine now. I’m on it!