Why are Zwift so bad at Running General Classification Events?

Zwift seems to be incredibly bad at running events with General Classification Standings. Rapha Rising seems to be the latest example. The standings don’t seem to have been updated since part way through day 1. I’ve now completed all three stages and I don’t appear in the Standings at all as they haven’t been updated in a time period that means that I would appear. And I can’t be the only one.

What is the point? The event (for me and many others) is over and the part of it that I was actually interested in is not being looked after. Only a few people are going to ‘win’ these stages. For some of the rest of us, seeing where we stack up in the General Classification with each stage gives us something to push for.

I’m having a hard time not answering my own question with “Zwift is so bad at running general classification events because they just don’t care enough to bother”. :frowning:

Unfortunately i dont think it is an automated process and @James_Zwift has to do some background magic. Plus its a weekend and he should take some time off once in a while.

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I’ll update them now and try and find some time to sanity check them tomorrow, but realistically for an event with tens of thousands that is going to be a touch tricky.

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@Mike_Rowe1 I’m not sure you can tag me in a post and tell me to take time off at the same time :rofl:


My intention wasn’t a moan at @James_Zwift - James seems to be all over these forums 7 days a week. Surely far more time than he is actually paid for by Zwift and more than can reasonably be expected of him. There should be more ‘James’’ - if Zwift is organising General Classification Events they should have staff who’s job it is to manage it. And not just overload @James_Zwift and the few other Zwift staff we see regularly post…


It really is okay :slight_smile: I know you weren’t having a moan at me.

We do need to be better at how we look after events on Zwiftpower and that’s something I’d like to try and improve.

The difficulty is that with leagues in Zwiftpower, you can only update them manually, which means me (or someone else to your point) remembering (or not) to do so.

Tbh, given I’m actually doing this event (last one in 20 minutes) I should have remembered to do so.


Good luck in your event!

(It took me two tries as my computer crashed part way through the first time).

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It was my first ride outdoors on my new bike this morning, so I am very tired but determined to finish!


Same problem last year with cape epic and the bieyar stage race in Dec. that could be a reason FRR is mostly doing their own system. As ZP works for most zwift events/races but not stage races. When you need GC results the next day or two for next stage.

@James_Zwift can you help me , look like my stage 3 is not add in GC see on my ZP page that i did the ride. ZwiftPower - Login 5th in the D it show there. but not in the GC.

I’ve updated the standing this morning. Let me know if you still don’t show up.

Hi @James_Zwift , can you please sort out my ZwiftPower. I raced the Rapha Rising and my 3rd stage hasn’t registered. Or 1 stage is not registered on ZwiftPower in the GC category.

It is showing I have only raced 2 when I completed the 3 events and got email confirmation saying I have done it.

I would like to see where I finished in the GC.

Hi Tim,

It would be helpful to know when you raced the stage.

What ! I though @James_Zwift was the latest bot and they’re not supposed to get any rest.

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I hope you weren’t sandbagging, Tim… :laughing:

Hi James, it magically got fixed. Which is good. I can now see where I finished overall, which is nice.

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Hi Mark, I don’t think I have ridden that hard in ages - as you probably saw in my Zwift Insider “Training with Rowe & King” articles, I switched over to base training, meaning I haven’t done any big climbs like that, oh man, did I suffer, as a result. I’m back racing my Monday Mountain Massif tonight, if you want to battle it out with me at 6pm GMT.

I love the Climber’s Gambit course and was only saying to Zwift the week before that I would love to host a Mountain Massif event on the route, so I have completed the relevant paperwork, so hopefully there will be one of those for us to all battle it out.

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Hi James, no one understands what the point numbers mean or the percentage. Be great if you could link up with me so I can do a GC event for my Mountain Massif event.



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It wasn’t magic.

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The rank percentages are essentially expressing the distance behind the leader as a proportion of the overall time.

A bit confusing perhaps, but that’s just how the system is set up.

Re. Creating a series, please drop an email into the team/Emily the normal way and I’ll get to it when I can.

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