Rapha Rising General Classification not Updating

The Rapha Rising General Classification Standings don’t seem to be updating in ZwiftPower. ZwiftPower states that they haven’t been updated in at least a day. We are already nearly done with stage 2 and not all the stage 1 rides are in the standings (for example, I did stage 1 Friday, stage 2 9 hours ago and my stage 1 ride hasn’t even got into the general classification standings yet). It’s hard to be excited by the ‘race’ here if you don’t know where you are in the standings until you’ve completed everything…

Can someone please fix? Thanks.

Hi @Kat

I checked your ZwiftPower account and noticed you do have race results for Rapha Rising stages 1, 2, and 3.

I’ve never been asked about “General Classification Standings”, however, so I’m not quite sure how best to answer your question. I’ll check with the ZwiftPower support team and try to get some more information so we can provide you with a more helpful response. Thanks!

@Steven_D see Why are Zwift so bad at Running General Classification Events?

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Okay, Thanks @Steve_Hammatt

I see Kat already had another Forums post about this same basic topic, so it’s a duplicate perhaps?

Yep, looks like posted the one that I referenced some time later, but James Bailey has responded to that one.

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