Rapha Rising Stage 1

Just completed Stage 1 of the Rapha Rising challenge group C but for some reason on checking the race results I can’t see my finishing position - any ideas what might have caused this. Also where you supposed to get any virtual kit on completing the stage?

Similar issue as you described. Competed the 12:00pm pst Rapha stage 1 ride but was in Cat D. I can find stats on Zwift power in my profile but not in the ride group. Not a big deal as I don’t race & am right on the edge of high D/Low C cat (2.4-2.5w/kg). However, I didn’t get any gear unlock either!! According to the event details, socks for 1 stage, cap for 2nd stage & kit for 3rd stage “Each stage you complete nets you one piece of virtual swag, and if you complete all three, you can enter a prize draw on the Rapha website for a chance to win the grand prize”.

I’m more concerned about no unlock. Does that mean we’ll never get the kit because this ride didn’t unlock anything. Rapha & Zwift have had many events so this should be easy to figure out how to unlock items. Did anyone else get an unlock for gear for this ride???

Checked my Zwift power stats and it’s not showing there either. I did have a very short 30sec power cut - I hope that didn’t screw things up.
Like yourself, more concerned that I rode up the Alpe and it’s not been registered (also still haven’t got the lightweights x8 ascents and counting)

What Zwiftpower category are you? If you entered a category below your ZP ranking, you’ll be disqualified from the finish. I don’t know if that means no swag but you won’t be on the finishing leaderboard nor will your time count for the GC.

I completed stage 1. I can see my position in race results, but got no kit unlock and mission shows as 0% complete in Zwift app.


I did Rapha Rising Stage 1 at 10:00AM PST today and it shows 0/3 Group Rides in the Zwift App. Please tell me I don’t have to do this again. I’m planning La Reine tomorrow and it is nice outside, I want to ride outside too.

This is the activity link (zwift.com)

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What in the world? There are C riders that did the entire Road to Sky route in 50-55 minutes? What did they weigh? 38kg?

FYI, as others are experiencing the same issue (no unlock & no stage completion noted), I contacted Zwift support. They said they are aware of the problem & trying to figure out why. They sent an email to me stating they would credit the item unlock eventually so I’m assuming as they figure out the issues, they’ll be adjusting the unlock & stage completion. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean everyone has to contact support but they ended chat before I could ask that question.


Maybe they lost weight during the event, then put it back on again before the end. Who knows.


How would that work? Is there someplace I can learn about that? :laughing:


Absolutely not. Try not to think about it.

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Same issue here - completed stage 1 6am AEDT. No kit unlock & still says 0/3 completed.

Looks like the stage 1 event was set up before the series officially started!


Same issue., just continual bugs that go unfixed from Zwift

25% of the field in each race has been dq’ed so far. Didnt see that coming :roll_eyes:


Same here - Stage 1 completion and no unlock. I’ve seen this before in events and it can be a mess. On a 3 Day event it’s going to be problematic.

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I guess we shoulda been in the pens warning the sandbaggers…

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Same - No unlock of anything and shows 0/3 on group rides. Unfortunate as I don’t really think I could do this one again. Already I considering postponing stage 2 until Saturday.
Can anyone report that they are actually getting the kid and showing 1/3?
Side note - 20% disqualification rate on the ride I was in. Leaves me scratching my head, as it is a ride, not a race. Might make sense to have an auto-cat button for people to click if they don’t understand the system.

I did stage 1 at 5pm eastern standard time US and was category A and at the finish got the Lazer Bullet helmet but no rapha socks or notification of completion of stage one. I took a pic of the results proving I finished. Zwift had problems with this stage with the Wahoo climbing challenge. I hope Zwift corrects this quickly.

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Same issue: no credit for completion and no unlock. Completed the first stage for Rapha Rising - 12:00 CDT 253/822. Right after the ride my status was still “checked in”. Now status has been updated to 0/3 stages completed. I contacted Zwift Support.

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I have the same issue here. Hope Zwift will do something about it soon.