HJC Grand Prix League Standings NOT updating on ZP

It appears that the league standings / results are not capturing all efforts by riders. I did the same time slot event on 16/02/22 & 23/02/22 but the league standings have only captured the 23/02/22 event. I am a B cat rider and rode in B cat well within the limits at all times. My cat is not the issue. Anyone got any ideas? Seems it might be happening to other riders too. Not sure how these things get fixed anymore? In the good old days on the previous forum, the admins could update. Please help!

Hi @Bone_Shaker

I’m Steven with ZwiftPower support.

Our team has completed a regeneration of results for the HJC Grand Prix league and it should be updated within the next few hours.

We also don’t see a race organizer for that league, so whoever needs to organize that league would be advised to contact our support team so we can make that happen.

Hi @Steven_D

Thanks for response. However, I did a quick recalculation of my overall standing results and it looks like the 16/02 (8pm Melb Australia time) results are still missing.

I have now done 3 events (16/02, 23/02 & 02/03), but zwiftpower only shows 2 in the results.

Apologies I am not sure who the race organizer if for this event. HJC is an international helmet company.

Can this still be updated without a race organizer?


I got a newsletter from Zwift promoting this race series as one of the top 7 highlights this month - and they don’t know who the race organiser is?!? :thinking:

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Bahahhaaaa Zwift IS the race organizer…

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I’m not sure if you’re joking or being serious, @Mike_Rowe1 but if that’s the case (and I’m not saying it isn’t), it was not evident to me. If it really is a league that Zwift staff need to organize directly, we’ll do our best to see to it. Thanks!

I’m being serious, HJC grand prix was heavily advertised by Zwift as a partner series, I can only assume it was organized by Zwift.

Steven has been with us a long while helping via email, but ZwiftPower is new to him. The race organizer in particular he’s referring to not being able to find is on the side of the league under the section “race organizers.” Even in instances where a race is handled by Zwift, there should be a name there, which there isn’t.

Even for me, the amount of conflation of the words “series, league, organizer” etc. that can happen surrounding ZP events can be a bit confusing at times.

We’ll work on getting the results sorted out, and I’ll follow up with some folks to make sure that we have someone from Zwift who knows the partnership to take ownership. Bit of a miss on our part there.

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The reason your other races weren’t counted was because when the league was created, it only included one event from 16 Feb and no events form 15 Feb. So the race you were missing wasn’t even in the overall event list for this league. I’ve fixed it now and it should update in the next few hours at most.

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absolute legend! results are now fully updated and looking good. issue solved! Thanks!

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