Issues with team standings


I run the Herd Summer Racing League: Zwift Power - Login

We’ve been having issues with team standings working correctly. The best example is in Category B - both Herd and Dirt comfortably having more than 5 riders in Cat B each week (the settings are t award best 5 team spots), but after 4 events, we don’t have the 20 results which is making the team standings inaccurate - I did email the ZwiftPower team around the middle of last week regarding this, but I haven’t had an answer yet.

Could this possibly be looked into please? The team standings are a pretty big thing for us.



I wanted to chime in and say thank you for hosting this event. I completed my first race this past weekend and it was the first time I ever did a points race. The race was a ton of fun and I will be back for more action.

I hope you can sort everything out with in the team standings.

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I want to chime in to garner some attention from the forum moderators. @xflintx & @shooj The HERD Summer Racing League is perhaps the best series that exists… nay, has ever existed in Zwift. Additionally it would be great to have native support of points racing formats in-game. Meaning a clear scoring platform at points banners (a totally different topic).

@J_ames_Herd is awesome.

PS. DIRT is going to crush this series. DIRTy ShepHERDs engaged!


Add me to the list of those wanting the Herd Summer Race League standings to be fixed.

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As another very satisfied HSRL competitor I’d like to throw my support behind James and getting all of this sorted as well. It’s a great racing series that unfortunately ends up being hampered by some limitations in zwift and zwiftpower. Hopefully we could see some improvements that could make this and other points based series more easily run on zwift.

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I’ve been tinkering for the last little bit, and I’m not sure I have anything conclusive to report.

The importance of this series for the community is not lost on me, and I want to make it right. Some categories in the team standings are showing 20 races for the top teams, while others are showing less than 20 for the top teams. I’ve not found a pattern yet.

I’ll keep plugging away, and this is as current as the information I have is right now.


Thanks for working on it. HSRL is an awesome series that deserves accurate results. So there will be no question that DIRT dominates. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is there anything we can do to help? Aggregate all the races we should have counted?

Any talk of creating a public API for the community to consume and create their own scoring sites?

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Thanks for looking into this.

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Great racing series, thanks for organising Herd!
Would love it if Zwift could fix the results too, big fan of the other suggestions re live in-play points - perhaps as a rolling ticker? Or sidebar?


Fun racing in a great series. Looking forward to having accurate results!

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