ZwiftPower Event Primes does not show correct categories results anymore

I want just highlight a bug.

The Primes data shows ALL, even if any other category is selected.
So for example it is not possible to look at the primes for CAT C riders.

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I noticed this too, beginning just a few days ago.


@shooj any idea if this bug has been acknowledged/worked on?
It has a big impact for anyone doing a points based race.


Bumping this up because it’s a real pain not being able to work out prime points for anyone who isn’t an A rider if you can’t filter out other categories. It was certainly working this time last week, so I don’t know what has changed.

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Still ongoing, has happened in my last 2 races

ZWIFT Racing League | WTRL - APAC DIV1 (Mixed/Men’s)

DZR Sunday Race

Sunday 19:16

Fortunately, the WTRL uses its own data, where the FTS/FAL are fine.

I’d be intested to see a reply on this too. It would be good to see how we performed over the course of races. WTRL might have its own record, but every other race doesn’t

From a quick glance at our points race this morning, this just appears to be the visual primes. Results look okay. Basically the list isn’t refreshing when you select the category but backend is fine (obviously this is still an issue).

Yep it won’t effect everyone but I know some series are using external methods for points/leagues which will be problematic.

I raised a ticket yesterday so will update if i get a response…hopefully before Christmas :smiley:


Fair enough - For those using ZP to generate results this shouldn’t be an issue (although everyone will just have to trust they are right, which they are 99.99% of the time).


I did a sneak results preview after WTRL races. This was not possible anymore.
If you check the json result for different categories, the API just sends ALL always. The website itself is fine, the api backend for primes provide the false data.

Also bumping this up in hopes of a response from Zwift HQ. This lack of primes and segment data by lap is causing havoc with the Flamme Rouge Racing Tour Britannia results. It’s been going on for more than a few days…

I’ll let Flint know.

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Thanks! The Flamme Rouge Racing scoring is different from WTRL in several ways. FTS is based on intermediate times for each Lap, not just for the overall of the whole race (Sprint and KoM), and FRR First Over the Line (FOL) is different from WTRL FAL in that these points are only earned on the last lap at the intermediates… Rich Vale has been having a bit of nightmare sorting out the FRR results (I don’t really understand what his solution of “Top 40” for intermediates means, at the moment, but I do know he can’t give us any FOL points based on what he extracted). See flammerougeracing dot com


Tel him to look me up on Facebook Messenger. Unless I’m very much mistaken you can do all this in the back end of Zwiftpower (the current issue won’t prevent you from doing this).

Unless it is down to the way that you are exporting the data out of ZP.

Thanks James, I will let him know. He is Race Control ( rcontrol at flammerougeracing com ) but I am connected with him in Discord as one of the FRR Team Captains. I have no idea how he’s capturing the data though.

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This has affected Zwift Power - Login / Deeside racing league race 2. This series is based on Prime points and not just finishing position.
Has this bug been acknowledged / is being worked on @shooj or @xflintx?

Poor old Zwiftpower, just being left to rot while WTRL takes all the racing attention.

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Unless I’m very much mistaken (and I don’t know your series and setup well enough to be certain) you should still be able to generate accurate prime results (both fal and fts for both segments and finish line) using zwiftpower.

You just can’t see the result in the primes tab except overall, not by category.

FYI all - just had email back from Flint to confirm receipt and to promise investigation and to be added to the workstack once confirmed.


Anyone know if Zwift has acknowledged this and is offering a timeframe to fix it?