Missing Prime Points

In this race I’m missing Prime Points:
ZP event id: 2539801

I was first over the first top/sprint which should grant me 10 points, but I’ve only recieved points for the race finish.

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Mikkel Bang
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Keep an ete on this thread for progress @Mikkel_Bang1791

This is different - the primes issue you’ve quoted is just a display issue, they’re still working fine.

Oops, I jumped a bit quick seeing “prime points”. Thanks for correction James.

@Mikkel_Bang1791 - I think the results are correct.

  • You were 11th overall in C (41 points)
  • and 2nd in KOM (4.23 - Svendsen was 4.22) so 6pts
    47points total which is what ZP shows.
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Hi Dean

But the results were updated so that im 6th overall in the race. Is that not what counts?

Points for this race are first across line on the first KOM and also for your finishing position.

You came in 11th place at the finish line, which means you would have received 41 points. As you had a total of 47 points this implies that you were second over the KOM line on the first climb which would give you 6 points. It doesn’t look like you were first.

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Hi James

I understand but I was 6th overall if you look at the event?
Correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes, you were. Positions are determined by the number of points (primes) you got during the race.

Aaah okay - now I get it. The 6th is with Prime Points. I thought it was bc others were disqualified.
Thx Guys!
Happy New Year!

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