ZwiftPower Sprints & KOMs page broken

The Sprints & KOMs page in ZwiftPower is broken - it only shows some French KOMs, and even these do not populate for events in France.

Is there a plan to fix this @xflintx ?


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Yeah I have been ignoring raising that for a while . Would be good to have it fixed .

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I’m assuming this is related too - Primes page isn’t being broken down into categories, which is screwing up the scoring in the Deeside series I am in - only the fastest (the As pretty much) are being shown. No response from ZHQ in 11 days.

Me bringing this up is definitely nothing to do with the fact that I busted a gut to compete in the designated Primes in the last race and should have finished higher than 8th, nosiree.

I raised the fact that you can’t switch between the categories on the primes tab - he acknowledged and said it would be investigated.

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Michael, the results are correct, you just can’t see your individual prime results, but it works fine in the back-end.

2 different bugs. Separate thread for the one you mention. This is for the Sprints & KOMs page.

A plan to fix it, you ask! Well, only if we know about it. Which we do now.

So I’ll take your screenshot and details and put it into a ticket and pop it in the backlog. There is one big project in the works with ZP right now that’s currently priority, and after that’s released we’ll be back to quashing issues like this.

Thanks for raising it!


And this is also true: James reached out to me and I created the ticket for this one personally as well.

Thanks for picking it up so quickly :+1:

Well you knew we were going to zone in on this don’t you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:… any information on what that big project is :zipper_mouth_face:

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I had heard tell of a meme recently how the “remember me” function on ZwiftPower is basically useless. All I’ll say is the work is related to log in, and is not to simply make the “remember me” box actually work.

Hmmmm doesn’t seem to have reflected in the points and subsequent results of my race last Wednesday. But then I wouldn’t know as can’t see the results - still seems like a bug even if that is the case?

Yep, definitely not disputing that! As per flints post above, it’s being looked at.

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Nice one, cheers.

My guess is single sing-on with Zwift login. Which makes any integrations between the two platforms a lot easier.


Yah. Things looking positive, baby steps and all that…