Zwiftpower - No Primes or power data for a race event

Hi all,

It looks like a whole bunch of data is missing for the TFC Mad Monday US series races on Zwiftpower. Namely power data and primes. Can we see what has happened here? We need the Primes especially for the race results:



@James_Zwift may be able to help out but suspect that this could also be held up needing the organiser to do something given its part of a series and the way they split pens differently to normal ZP cats.

Thanks. It won’t be anything to do with us as race organisers. Primes are always there as are the power numbers

tries magic button 1

@Nick_Nellis_TFC , are you the event organiser?

If so, please set up the primes as you would like them to be set up and I can then check - aware the power numbers and primes aren’t showing on the front page of the event.

yep, I am one of the organisers. Are the prime data in the background? If so, we can run the numbers then

If you go to |edit race" and then set the primes they will run in the background. Make sure you set the categories to points based.

We’re also trying to work out why this has happened.

looks like only the finish line points are being calculated when we run it. No primes…

We’re looking into this as there seems to be a few events affected.

So just to update, we don’t believe this to be a Zwiftpower issue (obviously it affects ZP but it isn’t the cause).

Now looking at it from a game/server issue side.

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thanks for the update, James

Morning James, have you guys been able to find anything else out here? thanks

We’re just in the process of restoring the prime results Nick.

Working to find out exactly why it happened too.

great, thank you!

Looks like prime data is there now! thank you!

or at least nearly all there… seems a little bit is missing still for 2780069

I just regenerated the results and the primes look ok?

mostly looking ok, but in 2780069 not all the D primes are there. Everything else at first glance looks good though

Hi there James, did you guys manage to have a look at that race for the rest of the D data?

I’ll check in with the developer that’s been helping me