ZwiftPower Event Primes does not show correct categories results anymore

Nope I reported it days ago to Zwift and tagged a Zwift staff member in this very thread in the hope it would be looked at but the usual radio silence from Zwift support.

They are probably all busy looking at the various bugs with the new update.

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Any update on this guys? @shooj

@James_Bailey_Herd so are you saying that the Primes and associated points should be working regardless of being able to see them in Zwiftpower by category? Like last week, I placed in a couple of Primes (a sprint and the aqueduct climb) this evening in the Deeside winter league, but finishing points are the same as my finish place if that makes sense.

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Yep, the points races I run all look fine results wise (inc today). I have no way of knowing how Deeside have set up their results or if they have even processed them yet, but mine look fine after i have run primes (which you have to do after the race has finished).

Flint has confirmed (both in email to me and in another thread) that it’s being looked at

That’s great that you get direct support from flint but the rest of the community organisers have to suffer the poor service where support tickets go unanswered and bug posts like this ignored.

If that’s the support model I’ll just email you with all my issue to pass onto flint :smiley:

There’s about 3 posts highlighting the same issue. Flint replied on one of them.

Feel free to email me.

Cheers James, looks like I’ll have to suck up my 12th place then.

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How do you see this “back end of Zwift Power”? I’m looking for my FTS times for the Deeside Snow Sprint Series on Sept 25, 2021. zid=2301315

Is there any way you know of to see my FTS times?


Sadly you won’t be able to see the individual times, but if you use ZP to calculate primes results (as an event organiser), these will be correct.