Zwift wakes cursor every minute when riding

This is something that I have noticed pretty much since i started zwifting and never got round to mentioning it.

when i am riding the cursor goes to sleep (isn’t visible on screen) but every 60 seconds exactly it will reappear on the screen before going again. It is quite annoying, easy enough to get around by moving the mouse to the far edge of the screen but i wondered why this happens? is it something zwift does to keep the screen active or something?

It has bugged me for longer than i care to mention - more in a huh kind of way not an argh kind of way!

This doesn’t happen to me. The cursor only reappears when I move the mouse.

Are you Mac or PC? I should have said i’m on PC and it happens on every single PC i have ever used (and i have used a LOT!)

I noticed this too. I got used to move the cursor to the screen edge near the menu button before start riding, but eventually I do something different, like a bike swap, and forget to hide the cursor, then it keeps coming back.

Same here. On PC. Has always bugged me.

Edit: I am running Win11 in windowed mode. Nothing else running. Mouse pointer pops up at 1 min intervals consistently.

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Never had this happen on PC

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Pc and have mini keyboard with mouse and also a trackball mouse connected. 100% the cursor only returns for me when there’s movement of either device.

I run a music playing app on the pc. When it changes track it causes the cursor to appear but it goes again within a couple of seconds.

I have had this on all PCs i have ever used.
sometimes wired keyboards, sometimes bluetooth eve on a touchscreen tablet that has no keyboard!

is it a windows setting or something?

happens every 60 seconds exactly so can’t be just by chance.

that is exactly the same as me.

No Setting i can think of off the top of my head.

I reset my pc every 3 months and never change any setting related to it.
I do tend to roll the cursor to the edge to avoid it popping up with each change of music track. Tomorrow I’ll leave it on screen for extra vigilance.
I assume you’ve nothing else running?

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no, and it happens on clean installs of windows and the game, on pcs that only have zwift on etc.

it isn’t the biggest issue in the world, as i do what you do and just move the mouse off screen but i’m really curious.

i had thought it was something zwift did to stop screens going to sleep while riding, a bit like those mouse wiggle things to keep your screen awake so you don’t have to unlock it all of the time

I have never seen this and I use a PC running Windows 11. I’ll try to pay more attention next time I’m using Zwift. Roughly where do you see the cursor arrow (or is it random)?

wherever you left it

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I’m on PC running Zwift in full screen mode.

Full screen too

yep, me too

Hey, almost the same here on PC. On my system the mouse pointer never hides.
I’m streaming to a screen that is 5 meters from the PC and I consistently forget to move the pointer into a corner before stepping on the bike, so the pointer isn’t in the center of the screen all the time.
Really annoying but I never get off the bike to fix it, so apparently it’s not that bad.

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same - i have been noticing this since 2016 and only just got round to mentioning it so it can’t feature too highly in my list of daily annoyances!

cant say I have seen this behaviour on PC, only time i ever see the mouse is if I nudge the desk and the mouse moves

I don’t have this issue, Windows 10 in full screen mode… only appears when I move the mouse or use keyboard.