Zwift should hide the mouse cursor

While especially distracting in full screen mode, Zwift should always hide the mouse cursor when the game is running and the mouse hasn’t been moved for a couple seconds, and show again it when the user moves the mouse.

I think it does, doesn’t it?  Pretty sure it did for me this morning.

On my Mac, it never disappeared and I was on my bike far from the laptop.


I’m on a Windows 10 PC, and it definitely does hide the cursor on that platform. So it’s something I guess they’re aware of as desirable.  Could be a bug.

Confirmed it does not disappear on a Mac.  I always have to try to “hide” it somewhere on the screen that is inconspicuous.  

Bump…it is super annoying to have to find a place to hide the cursor while Zwifting.  I understand this may be a Mac only problem but how hard is it to write some code that makes it disappear after 30 seconds until movement of the mouse is detected?  PLEASE ZWIFT FIX THIS ISSUE!!!

This is annoying for me also. Should be super simple to hide it once you actually start riding!