Zwift switches to Desktop

Hello everybody,
recently I rode on Zwift and after a while the screen switched to my computer desktop, I switched it back to Zwift but it happened again three times more in an hour ride.
I have the display set to “Full Screen” while riding on Zwift.
Does anybody know why it happens, is it Zwift or my computer?

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Hi Luca,

Let me see if I understand your situation. You have Zwift in Full screen mode and the some times it minimizes and you see your desktop then you have to maximize Zwift again?

This sound like a windows thing. It can be that there is some program running in the background that may take priority of your screen. If you have a second monitor and you click on the non Zwift monitor it will minimize Zwift.

This is frequent question in the gaming community. This is one solution I found, it may help.




Hi Gerrie,
you understood exactly what I meant.
I will follow the solution you found as soon as it happens again.
Thanks for the reply.

This did happen to me *constantly* went through background processes with a fine toothed comb - nothing, Zwift still switched to desktop.

These days I run Zwift in windowed mode and use Borderless Gaming to force it full screen, no more issues :slight_smile:



I’ve had this problem as well. It would minimize & switch to desktop about 4-5 minutes into the workout. I always believed it a windows issue but can’t seem to figure it out.

I agree with Mark, the gaming community uses Borderless gaming when Windows does not want to play nice. Search google for “Borderless Gaming”

My laptop has starting doing this now too. I’ll be riding along and all of a sudden Zwift will minimise. I have a mini-keyboard-mouse on my handlebars so I have it set up so the mouse is always hovering over the right spot so I can click to bring Zwift up again instantly.

This has only started happening in the past week or so and I haven’t installed anything new. In fact besides AVG, Zwift, Discord and Golden Cheetah there’s hardly anything else on my Windows 10 gaming laptop (which I kinda bought just for Zwift, lol).

Any ideas?

I have always used Zwift full screen and have a second monitor on which I have the ZwiftGPS program running. Never had a problem with either.

However, my last ride which was on Monday Zwift kept minimizing every five minutes or so and I had to use the mouse to re-size it. I remembered that the day before there had been quite a major AVG update so I am assuming it was that; I have now added Zwift as an exclusion within AVG.

Will be having a ride later today so will see if this does the trick.

Yep, AVG was the problem!

I had a feeling it would be AVG, it always seem to be! I disabled the AVG pop-ups before as they were also causing an issue. How do you add Zwift as an exclusion?

Open up AVG…Menu (top right)…Settings…Add. It should then let you browse to the folder which contains the program (probably C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift)…just select it and OK.

I appear… to have solved my version of this issue by running Zwift as an “Admin Program”.  Properties/Compatibility   Admin Check Box.


April Update:  Running in Admin does not solve the problem.  The search continues.

I’m tearing my hair out trying to determine if ZwiftGPS works on iOS.  From what I gather it looks like it’s only operational on MacOS or Windows operating systems.

I’m thinking it DOESN’T work on iOS.  Any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks, Rick 

I’m also having this issue, it happens randomly and sometimes not at all.

I have full admin rights under windows 7 ultimate, AVG is set to silent mode and Zwift is an allowed process, not sure what the deal is. I have NO other full screen app that does this.