PC Window Close Mid-ride

I have a strange bug that started a couple of weeks ago. My Zwift “window” closes or minimizes about every 10 minutes. The game is still running, but it forces me to get off the bike and click on the Zwift icon on the bottom of my laptop screen. I am running a Windows laptop that is 11 months old and have made all the updates. The laptop is connected to a big screen via a MIDI cable.

Could this be a PC issue or a Zwift issue? The laptop is only used for Zwift and Zoom.


Doesn’t happen for me, if it’s a dedicated system then clean install Windows 10 and put as little else on it as possible. Something is taking focus off the game, which in full screen mode causes Zwift to minimise. Alternatively use windowed mode, with Borderless Gaming if you don’t like the look. It won’t happen then.

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Switched to windows mode and no longer have issue. Thanks

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