Zwift permanantly minimizes / crashes in full screen mode

Some time ago (maybe 6 months or more) Zwift stopped loading in a windowed screen for me (in Win10) and was running fullscreen. I only discovered today there is a setting for this. I wish I knew this sooner since I’ve had all sorts of issues since this changed (automatically) for me.

For instance, in fullscreen mode, I’m unable to move the game screen to a different monitor (my secondary monitor being a TV in front of my bike) during any loading screen. If I do this, the game crashes.

Also, while riding, if any other Windows program has a pop-up or gets the window context, Zwift minimizes on my secondary monitor. I then have to click it, to which it maximizes in the primary monitor (WTF?!!!). So I have to Win+Shift+Right Arrow to move it back.

And sometimes, like tonight when I gave up dinner with my family to ride in the Nations Challenge, Zwift minimizes and when you click it in the taskbar, it just doesn’t maximize again. My smart trainer still seems to be getting resistance changes from the course, but I just lose all game visuals. So I don’t think it has crashed, it’s just completely unresponsive.

This is beyond ridiculous. You guys need to get you s…tuff together. Basic usability/reliability should be your first priority.

A quick test of windowed mode shows expected, reliable behaviour. So definitely will be sticking with this.

Interesting - I’ve had a couple of goes on Zwift in the last week or so where, when I clicked “Let’s Go” in the launcher, it seemed to open Zwift and then minimise it before it got to the pairing screen. This hasn’t happened every time though, and clicking on the (Win 10) taskbar did restore it to full screen.

If i am using a set up with more than 1 monitor full screen mode doesn’t work on some PCs but windowed mode does - especially using a USB dock that has the monitors plugged into it.

Try one monitor connected directly to the PC and see if that helps.


A lot of things can be at the root of crashes. If you’re interested in chasing down why it happens on your machine specifically - please send us your crash log so we can read through it for hints.

Here’s how to locate your crash logs and send them in: