Zwift opening in part screen

I have a laptop running Windows 10 connected to a monitor. Since the last Zwift update when I start the app it only opens in 3/4 screen on both laptop screen and monitor leaving the Desktop partially visible. I can’t find any way to make it go full screen. I have let it go through to logging on but the settings page shows full screen which it’s clearly not!!

I reinstalled Zwift and that seemed to resolve it for a couple of days but now the issue is back.

It’s incredibly frustrating! Any suggestions gratefully recieved.

Mine has always opened covering about 98% of the screen. If I double click at the top of the window it maximises to 100% This is in windowed mode.

If you run the game, click on menu, then settings, you can change to full screen mode. You can also set the screen resolution there which I think is your issue?


Thanks very much. Will look at those points.

Are you using the ZwiftPrefs tool? If so, check it’s not overriding your in-game settings.

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