Since latest update will not run fullscreen mode

Updated to 1.0.60239 on Windows 10 PC and since then Zwift will not run in fullscreen mode at any resolution.

Zwift starts, passes splash screen but then runs minimized with no way to maximise screen. You can hear Zwift running but icon will not maximise. It trys but then immediately minimizes itself and it has to be forced quit.

If prefs.xml is edited to switch to windows mode Zwift starts fine in any resolution up to and including 3840 x 1200.

Changing back to fullscreen immediately introduces the issue again on startup.

Fixed it.

Reboot, uninstall/re-install does not fix it.

Uninstall, manually delete entire contents of C:\Program Files(x86)\Zwift and then re-install does work.

Should’ve taken note of what .dll was left behind but looks like upgrade process isn’t clean.

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