Zwift thinks BLE is off after Win10 reinstall? [SOLVED]

I’ve been using my Dell laptop for years to connect to Zwift with little issue, except for maybe the RunPod. From what I can tell the runpod uses BLE not Ant+. I had trouble getting my Zwift to see my pod and would get dropouts. I was having other issues with the laptop so I decided to reinstall Win10. Downloaded Zwift and tried to run. Nope, can’t connect the pod at all now. Zwift says the BLE is off, it’s not. I actually have my Sony headphones connected via bluetooth right now and it’s working fine. I even tried to update the drivers. All up to date. What is happening?

This might help?



A clean Win10 install lacks that runtime environment that used be included in Win7. Follow that link that Ben posted. That vc_redistx64.exe file solves this exact problem you’re having.

Would you follow up and let us know if this resolved your issue? We like hearing a conclusive yes.

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Totally worked. Why the F doesn’t Zwift tell people this. I was ready to crack open my PC to try and fix or replace the bluetooth radio. Thank you. If anyone from Zwift is listening, inform people of this.


Worked for me too on clean win 10;install. Thanks