Zwift Reports Bluetooth Swicthed Off

I just added a new Win 10 Pro computer and it has built in Bluetooth. After in installing the Zwift, Win 10 App, I’m able to pair my setup with the Android device, but when I change to “Use Built in BT” on the computer, Zwift can not find the internal BT and reports that it appears to be turned off, which it is not.

Why does the app think the BT on the computer is turned off? How do I fix this? On my old computer it was not an issue. I could switch between the mobile or the laptop without issue.

From what I’ve heard there is an issue with Windows 10 BLE that has been giving people problems. The workaround is to either:

  1. Use an ANT+ dongle
  2. Use the companion app as a bridge and connect your sensors to the phone via companion.

Thank you. It’s odd as I have a Windows 10 laptop and it works fine. I’ll pick up an ANT+ dongle and try that.

Is the laptop on the same update as the new PC? From what I remember people start having issues with the native BLE after windows updates, so it’s possible the PC is on a newer version of Windows upstate than the laptop.