Windows 10 and Bluetooth connection issues

I am having issues connecting via Windows Bluetooth.
I’m using Windows 10 on a laptop.
In the bluetooth settings on the computer it shows that the bluetooth is running and has no issues.
Yet in zwift when on the pairing page it says internal Bluetooth is off.
No matter what I do or how I try and get it working it just won’t have it.
Was working before on this laptop but then just lost connectivity.
Have u installed and reinstalled zwift but no luck.
I can connect via the companion app on my phone which then shows up on the computer but as soon as I do anything else on the phone the connection drops out

Is there a way to get zwift to reset and recog ise the internal Bluetooth again?

If so how?


Is the Bluetooth 4.0 or above?

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Yes it is.

I would check to see if there are any driver or firmware updates need for your PC.

Already have. All drives are up to date and all works with none zwift blue tooth devices. Ie a speaker and mouse. Just zwift that says it’s turned off and can’t connect to it. Very frustrating.

What is the version/build of Win10 on your PC?

Sorry I lied. Its windows 8.1
Only use the laptop for zwift in the garage.
Was working fine but then just stopped.

Built in bluetooth is 4.0

Did you select Bluetooth Beta on the main screen?

Nevermind, it looks like you need to have Windows 10 and Bluetooth 4.0:

I am searching for the Zwift Official post about it.

Thank you for your replies.

Not sure what you mean re beta.
The only options I have is to use internal Bluetooth or the zwift companion via my phone.

Not read the link yet but it use to work on 8 till about 10 days ago then just stopped.
Will have to look at upgrading to Windows 10 then I guess. Will have a read of the link.


So I found a way to install windows 10 and remove 8.1 via a windows page.

Did a complete fresh install of Windows 10 and removed all files on pc in case something was upsetting it.
Downloaded zwift which then updated on start up
But still have the blue tooth issue.

Looked in bluetooth settings and it’s turned on.
Ran a update and fix on bluetooth which came back saying its all up to date.

Still got the orange triangle on the bluetooth symbol in zwift.
In the cog it doesn’t mention beta just says use built in bluetooth which is ticked.

Any ideas what’s up with it???

Thanks in advance

I am guessing you used Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool to upgrade to Win10. Just an FYI, it is possible to upgrade using it, but you don’t have a legal licence to do so. The free upgrade from Win7 and Win8 to Win10 ended over 2 years ago. For home users it would be highly unlikely that MS would do an audit on you. For reference I am an IT System/Network Admin.

I have been active on these forum for a little while and have seen a lot of issue with using Zwift and BLE. On the other hand I have seen very few issues with ANT+. Is there any way you could use an ANT+ dongle and get away from BLE?

Thanks Paul

Yes used the media creation tool. Waste if time that was then lol.

I just plugged a Ant+ dongle in the laptop and loaded up zwift. It has found my KickR, cadence sensor and heart rate strap straight away.

So all seems to be working over Ant+ fine.

Clearly there’s a bluetooth issues with windows and zwift then as other things can connect to my lappy.

Many thanks for your help and sticking with me while I tried to get this to work.

It’s appreciated.

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Good afternoon this means that there is no solution for this issue?
Means that I can’t use my Zwift on my laptop because is not working with Bluetooth on Win10?

You can use the Zwift Companion App to bridge Bluetooth to the Win10 computer.


Thanks guys, I had the exact same issue with a fresh install of Windows 10, latest updates applied. As soon as I plugged in the ANT+ USB Dongle and Zwift found the controller :slight_smile:

I have exactly the same problem since today after one month working perfectly.

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Hi guys, just thought I would chime in here. I have a lenovo Thinkpad and it was connecting via BLE without fault. I then patched the laptop and it installed the latest win 10 update ( 1909 ) and now it’s basically useless for Zwift. I can find and pair all my devices through the windows bluetooth interface, but cannot for the life of me get Zwift to work. it has the same little yellow triangle over the bluetooth icon.

Learnings: if it aint broke don’t fix it! I should not have updated the OS and rather just left it. Anyway, if I can get it to work I will post my findings here

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I also have the same issue. Bluetooth seems to work properly on my Thinkpad P50S on Windows 10 version 1909 OS build 18363.418.
In Zwift, it says that my BLE is off.

Looking for an option !

Hi all,
Same issue here…
I use Zwift as runner in that case, not rider. Ride works well with Ant+ dongle.
I have an ASUS BT400 bluetooth dongle.
It works fine with Zwift on my laptop running Windows 10 Pro version 1903 subversion 18362.836
I build a dedicated PC for Zwift and use the same dongle to connect to Zwift…but it doesn’t works !
This desktop PC runs Windows 10 Pro version 1909 subversion 18363.836
The dongle is ok in Windows, no driver issue, all is up to date but I have already a yellow triangle in front of the bluetooth logo in Zwift.
It seems that something is broken with this new Windows version.
I cant use an Ant+ dongle because I use my Fenix 6X Garmin with the Virtual Run activity, which rebroadcast from Garmin to Zwift only using Bluetooth…
So waiting for a fix, maybe try to find a Windows 1903 version…

Same issue here but the ant+ dongle paired soon as I plugged it in. I also tried a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle. System detected it and items could see that and the system. So I think it’s a zwift issue. They have had it before. Seems they have done it again. For now ant+ will be fine