Built-in Bluetooth will not work

I am at my wits end. Windows 10 PC all up-to-date, ASUS (Broadcom) BT-400 usb Bluetooth
I can see the adapter in windows, adapter can see other BT devices.

But no matter how much I plead with Zwift it will not connect using the Built-in Bluetooth option. The indicator has the yellow caution !

No amount of driver updates has solved the issue, Zwift refuses to acknowledge the BT adapters presence.

Please help. I’ve looked at the posted I watched a you tube that a user posted (my screens are identical) and still no joy.


I have the same - internal bluetooth doesn’t work but bluetooth dongles seem to work. But if i’m going to use a dongle may as well use ant+

I had the same problem. It didn’t work on my laptop when using internal BT but also external usb dongle (which worked perfectly on my desktop computer with same W10 version). I tried all possible drivers etc. Zwift BLE driver wasn’t loading properly for some reason. Then it started working all of sudden. It coincided with fresh Windows 10 installation I performed but it could be some update that Zwift or Microsoft made at some point as well. Impossible to know for sure. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

Same problem here.
Running Win10 on Alienware Alpha. All drivers up to date.
BLE works fine with Rouvy but Zwift does not recognise the internal bluetooth adaptor.
So it seems Zwift is the problem here. :frowning:

Hi @Robert_K1

You are correct built-in bluetooth don’t play nice with Zwift. You should get a bluetooth dongle or if your trainer support ANT+ then get ANT+. I personally have seen much better results using ANT+ FE-c

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I am using Ant+ at the moment but have sometimes connection drops and also some delay with power from the Kickr. Some people suggested that especially the delay should be less with BTE. That’s the reason I even tried.

Did you try to move your ANT+ dongle closer to your trainer.

Yes, it’s directly next to the Kickr.

For me built-in Bluetooth plays better than nice with Zwift. I get better connection than through Ant+ and trainer control is much faster and more responsive (Vortex Smart).

Same for me. I had problems with ant+ dropouts regularly. Since I switched to W10 BT about 9 months ago it’s been rock solid :smiley:

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i have found that built in (old) imac BT, isn’t comparable ( needs to be V4 not V2 ?) so i use an external BT dongle OR can use an iphone connected via the companion app to bridge BT to the desktop.