Zwift stops my rides

Title explains my issue–about one ride in eight Zwift stops my ride–my wattage, cadence, and HR numbers disappear and my cartoon cyclist stops riding. Anybody else have this happen? I use a Saris H3 and an iPad fwiw.

Sounds like an internet or connection issue.

Not internet. The game will run without it. It is only needed to start and save the ride.

Bluetooth. It seems to be a never ending story that Zwift cannot maintain reliable BT connections. I have lost connections many times and wasn’t able to re-pair sensors. I saved a couple of rides only by re-pairing through the companion app.

Same problem this morning during a workout - it stopped and restarted multiple times during interval training . I was using ANT+ not BT.

put your log file in to see if you are getting any signal interference. You might need to move things around in your environment to get a clear signal.

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@Mike_Rowe1 Hi Mike, Do you know whether this zwiftalizer is usable if I have an AppleTV? I had heard that the files are not accessible, but am perpetually confused by technology issues. Thanks!

Yes, me too. I was going to participate in the Fondo Bambino on Sunday and was happily pedaling along in the pen with trainer and cadence data showing. Then we started and everyone surged forward. My avatar stopped after about 10 seconds and just stood there while all the other riders surged past. It was pretty sad. I tried to go out and reconnect and rejoin, but after the 5 or so minutes it took, I couldn’t find the group. HR stopped working about two weeks ago. It paired again yesterday, but then read 0 bpm for the whole workout. Wahoo Kickr Snap, AppleTV, Garmin Dual HRM, Android phone for Companion app.

Unfortunately there is no way to get a log file from the Apple TV.

Thanks @Mike_Rowe1, that’s what I was afraid of…

zwiftalizer shows signal interruption and repairing multiple times - as expected.
regarding my environment , I was in exact same condition as for previous workout ( PC, dongle, Garmin HRM and exact same location) - previous workout was made w/o any issue -
Not sure what I need to do next

@TBL what about fans, did you move a fan around or add one? Lots of things can interfere with the signal, even microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, etc. Was anyone else in the house when it happened that could have used a device that was causing the issue?

No fan and I was alone in the room . If this is so sensitive, I think I have to deal with.
Is BT more reliable ?

for some it is, not for me. I use ant+ and never have dropouts, when I used bluetooth I had them multiple times per ride it seemed.

Thanks for all replies and help.

@Mike_Rowe1 If something is interfering with the signal (like a fan, of which I have 2, but haven’t moved them), would I be helped by getting a repeater to increase the signal to my phone? The AppleTV is connected via ethernet cable, so I guess that’s probably not the problem.

Are you using the companion app to bridge the signal to Apple TV? Adding more devices and signal strength might not solve the problem if you are having lots of dropouts.

Yes, I had been using the companion app to pair trainer, cadence sensor, and HRM. The thing that is not working now is the HRM, although I did have trouble on Sunday when I was sitting in the pen waiting for the Bambino Fondo to begin. All was well until the event started. A few seconds in, my avatar stopped. After exiting and frantic re-pairing I couldn’t rejoin the group. I’ve never had the trainer drop out when riding alone. Recently I started trying group rides or an event and that’s where I have had more trouble. So you think it might not be phone signal connectivity? Thanks so much for your help with this!

I’m new to Swift and have spent a week riding. My set up is, Saris H3, iPhone 8 screen mirroring with older Apple TV. On 2 separate occasions my data and avatar has just stopped. Today 52 minutes into a 1 hour ride. Both times I was not unable to find a way to get going again but could start another ride immediately. Seems like some bluetooth timeout issue? I know it’s not my internet as the ride keeps going and I’m streaming music on another device. I just emailed my log file.

See the following thread,. which is mainly about the Saris H3 - Bluetooth dropping during ride, won't reconnect without quitting

Thanks Steve. Looks like an issue for many other frustrated Zwifters :weary: