Zwift rider keeps stopping while i'm peddling

I’m hoping somebody can help.
Whenever I ride on Zwift my rider on screen stops every now and then while I’m still peddling.
My rpm stays the same but speed and watts go to zero.
I’m riding on a Wahoo KickR.
The firmware is all up to date.
The Ant+ dongle is sat next to the turbo trainer.
I tried riding up Alp Du Zwift and it happened 48 times!
I tried a SST ride on Sunday and it happened 18 times.

Hi @Nicholas_Ball.

I had a brief look at the two rides you mentioned and it look like your power numbers go to Zero. I would suggest to check your log files using Look at your ANT+ searches.

this is how a normal signal will look.

I use an Apple TV and Companion app…any way to look at those log files? I occasionally have this issue too.

You can’t get to the log files of an Apple TV.

How about some more details about your setup (e.g., devices paired to Apple TV, devices paired via Companion app, etc…)? What troubleshooting have you done?

Setup is with the Apple TV; I use the Companion app because of insufficient BT capabilities on the Apple TV. Devices (all BT) are the Wahoo Kickr, Wahoo cadence device (whatever it’s called) and a MyZone HR monitor. I have a good WiFi connection from my phone. The failure mode is that all device readings go to zero on the Apple TV app and Zwift thinks I’ve stopped riding, not sure what happens on the Companion (I need to check if it happens again). Sometimes it’s for a few seconds, or a minute or so, or, last Tues June 25, completely failed (a group ride…I saw several others who also just stopped on the side of the road). When this happened months when I first started using Zwift, Support told me that they saw my BT connections fail. But my phone is right next to the trainer. When it completely failed two days ago, the internet connection was fine (I tested other functions on my phone). I tried again a few hours later, no problems at all. My gut feeling (I work in an enterprise IT role) is that the Zwift platform could not handle the large number of riders, that it’s probably not a BT issue but might be network (doubtful it’s my ISP, but you never know; WiFi…again seems doubtful given how it works the rest of the time; last mile into Zwift’s cloud…highly unlikely). Or my iPhone is dying (it’s only a few months old and has no BT or network issues at all…so not likely). Bottom line is that I don’t know what the root cause is. I thought the problem had resolved itself until I had the failure two days ago.

When your power go to zero then it is a local problem. Network issues will just show you riding alone, no other riders. It is possable to ride without internet but you will be alone.

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FYI… I’ve used an AppleTV 4K since they came out. I’ve never seen this issue.

Which device are you pairing through the Companion app? Hopefully, you are pairing the Kickr directly to the Apple TV.

How far are you and the Kickr from the Apple TV?

Here are some other ideas:

  • Is the Apple TV in the open vs in a cabinet (possible overheating)?
  • If you do not use the Companion app for additional pairing, does this still happen? I would try Kickr and cadence to Apple TV, no HRM for a while. Then, maybe try Kickr and HRM, no cadence. Note that if you have no cadence sensor, Zwift will show an estimated cadence which could be close or far from reality. This way, you might be able to isolate it to a specific sensor and/or pairing via the Companion app.
  • As a general rule when Zwifting and using the Companion app, put your iPhone in airplane mode to disconnect it from cellular and thus prevent it from trying to use cellular.
  • If you can, move your wifi to 5G.

Are you using a separate power meter? Have you looked at the log file at the times when the power drops to zero? There should be a line showing the power readings every second. Does Zwift stop reading the power (no power line in the log) for 4 or 4 seconds before it calculates the average power to be 0.00 watts? Are you on PC, Mac or IOS?

The issue here is that when there are nearby riders Zwift stops reading the power meter. The average power calculated drops to 0.00 watts after 3 seconds without reading the sensors. This is entirely due to Zwift being unable to handle nearby riders. Pulling the LAN cable works, perfect ride with no dropouts, just pointless to be riding a group ride alone!

Hi Nicholas, did you ever get the issue resolved? I have the same problem. This is my second ride in a row where my avitar just stops while I’m pedaling. My set us is Apple laptop and TacX. Thanks, Barbara

Good morning Barbara.

If the rider just stop then is is typically a communication issue. Do you connect using Bluetooth or ant+.

You can drop your log file in and look at how many times your trainer had to reconnect.

how to find your log file.