Zwift Program doesn't work, Help!

Hello, I am member and I installed Zwift, but it doesn’t work. My computer have Windows 7 ans Intel Core i7. The problem is when I open the software, it is all screen in white, and no open Zwift. I can ride with my phone android but not with my Computer, I need help. Thanks in advance!

What are the specs of your Win7 computer (make sure you include the video card).

If possible I would suggest upgrading that PC to Win10 since Win7 is no longer supported by Microsoft.

could that be an issue with internet explorer? @Paul_Allen doesn’t the Zwift launcher use IE on startup?

Yep, he could reset it and see if that helps, BUT I would first upgrade the PC to Win10.

Windows 7
Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
Asus K55VD
Intel Core i7 3610QM CPU 230GHZ

I need to check my video card, I don’t know how

I use Firefox always

Doesn’t matter, the Zwift App uses Internet Explorer for the initial login process on PC.

OK, thanks, but I’m not sure that I can use Windows 10 in this old computer. o you know?

OK, How can I check Internet exlorer if it is correct?

My guess is that Win10 would probably work fine based on the specs here:

Thank you!!

Open Control Panel>Internet Options

Click the Advanced tab

Click on Restore advanced settings>Click Apply

Click on Reset

I would also suggest restarting your computer and then trying Zwift.

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If you do decide to upgrade to Win10 there is a chance that there will not be drivers for some of the components. Just a warning.

BTW, if the upgrade does not go well you can always uninstall it within the first 30 days I beleive.

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OK I will try this now, thanks!

Hello, I does this, but the same, it doesn’t work. I think I need Windows 10 :face_with_head_bandage:

You don’t need Windows 10.

I’m running Zwift on Windows 7 without any issues, minus one very minor graphical bug with the bikes rear mounted red light and arrows not flashing correctly. (intermittent at best.) I think if I updated the graphics driver it would fix the problem, but I just haven’t bothered to spend the time doing it.

Nearly 2 years ago I did start having problems running the program on the PC in question, scripting issues at program launch, so I did some research and the recommendation was to update to SP2. I was loath to do it on a machine which just runs the game and nothing else, but I installed the update and, bingo, works great.

So if you’re service pack isn’t up to date, that could be the issue.

There is only SP1 for Window 7, there is a convenient roll-up of Windows Updates after that. Here is a link to help you download it:

I will again recommend upgrading to Window 10 since Windows 7 is EOL.

You can use this link to download Windows 10:

For home user MS has more or less said it is free, but for businesses you need to make sure you are properly licensed.

Yup; SP1, posting before morning caffeine hit. Was thinking XP SP2; installed that enough back in the day.

Still, on an old machine, 7 works fine. Hate 10 personally. When my main box finally dies I’ll be moving back to Linux with a Windows partition for Zwift, a very few games etc. VM for most everything else.

I download this, but the same. It doesn’t work :sleepy:
I am waiting for the support Zwith people answer.
One friend says me taht mycomputer isold for to install Windows 10. What do you think?? I have Intel core i7. Can I??
Thank you very much one more time!!