Win10 - white Window

Zwift App:1.0.57840
Zwift Launcher:1.0.50
Win 10: Win10 pro 20H2 Build 19042.572
Dell XPS 13 Laptop i7/16GB Ram

After installing and updating the game the application starts with a white window. No further action is possible. Internet connections woks fine, firewall does not block. Any hints for me?
On another hardware (workstation, sorry no chance to move it to the bike) with same Win10 version it works. :-/

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Close Zwift in the system tray, clear your cookies and cache in Internet Explorer (not Edge) and try again.

Thx Dave for your quick reply but it does not help. Any further ideas?

Probs a clean install of Zwift I’m afraid. Did you install the .NET Framework when it asked? It won’t work otherwise.

.NET was already installed, so i was not asked i guess. As far as i know Zwift needs 3.5 which is installed.

So, several new tries, cleaning registry and files completly. .net 3.5 already installed, closed all processes that i identified as not needed in the moment.

  • Zwift starts with a not changing white window
  • Zwift updater seams to work (gives feedback)
  • Logfile says: “prefs.xml file not found.” - but it throws no error

Any further ideas?

Thanks, Maurice

Do you use OneDrive, or any other cloud sync or security software that may be preventing Zwift writing to your Documents folder?

Yes, OneDrive and GoogleDrive was acrive. I closed them, erased the Internet-Explorer cache and tried to start again. No change…

Closing them probably won’t change anything. Zwift needs full read/write access to your Documents folder to operate correctly*. I can’t imagine having both OneDrive and Google Drive helps either, there are surely some file access conflicts going on there.

*Yes, it’s been pointed out to Zwift that this is bad practice, and there are some ideas here you could try: Zwift "Logs" Folder Incompatible with OneDrive Sync

Mmmhhh, OK, thought i don’t have syncing enabled there might be some systemcalls to generate a conflict. But that’s sounds quite strage to me, developers can’t be that inexperienced.Software is the key and that piece of software is not very user friendly.

Thanks for your help!

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