New User - Can't get running


I am currently unable to see anything when opening the Zift application on Windows 10.
The installer ran ok and the update bar ran ok - took about 15mins. As soon as it was finished updates, the blue bar at the bottom disappeared and left with a blank white screen.
Now every time I open it, it’s a blank white screen.

My laptop meets minimum spec (i3-3217U, 4GB RAM, Windows 10 and the graphics is the in-built HD Graphics 4000).

I’ve enabled ActiveX, Java, turned off firewall, turned off any other possible security obstacles (short term).

Rebooted lots, uninstalled / installed twice. No joy, just a white screen with a black x in the corner… Thoughts?


I’m running now on a second laptop, works fine as an interim fix.


Hi Ewan,

Did you ever figure out what was the problem? I’m experiencing the same issue on my dad’s laptop running windows 10.


Could be the (known, Zwift is aware) issue with Intel integrated GPUs. Search the forums, but there seems to be no solution now.
To be sure, look if all drivers are up to date.

Almost certainly to do with your Internet Options. Clear everything in there and try again, and if it still doesn’t work put everything to default etc. Zwift uses legacy Internet Explorer (not Edge) to display the launcher. In fact you may need to actually repair or even enable/reinstall IE, have a look here: How to repair or reinstall Internet Explorer - Browsers | Microsoft Docs

Thanks for the suggestions @Dave_ZPCMR and @Milan_Rost. I’ll give both a look, do some trial and error, and see where that gets me. If you have any other possible solutions I’d be interested to hear those too.


Hi Simon,

I didn’t try to fix mine because the interim laptop actually works better even though it’s older with an unsupported OS - works fine.

I think the SSD makes a huge difference, the older laptop has an SSD and zwift works brilliantly on it.

There are two things with my newer (but still old) laptop that I’d do now if I were to try again.

  1. It was originally a Windows 8 laptop and has underperformed since upgrading to windows 10. I’d fix this by rebuilding it.

  2. It’s got a spinning disk HDD. I’d add an SSD before rebuilding.

I may have a go at some point, it would be nice to get to the bottom of it. Will post on here if I do resolve.