White Screen on Launch

Downloaded Zwift to give the trial version a test before paying (and I want to!)
On launch, the screen is completely white - no error message - just doesn’t work. Can’t shell out a monthly fee for a program that won’t load.

Read previous forums about white screen and nothing there fixed.

  • IE 11 is now Edge - fully updated, checked Active X controls.
  • Chrome is my main browser - did the same there.
  • Cleared browser caches in both.
  • Made sure Windows 10 was updated fully.
  • Computer specs support Zwift
  • Made sure firewall and security permissions weren’t blocking Zwift
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled Zwift multiple times, making sure to delete off every single Zwift file before reinstalling

Please help! I really want to use Zwift but have no idea how to fix this after spending 4+ hours troubleshooting.

Internet Explorer is what Zwift uses for the login, not Edge. Clear your cookies/cache and reset all the ActiveX and Javascript stuff to default in that.

Hey Dave, thanks for the reply!

The latest version of Windows (Version 20H2; OS build 19042.610) makes IE11 hard to access. I know Windows will discontinue IE11 completely mid-2021.
IE11 wasn’t in Program Files or in “Turn Windows Features On/Off”, so I had to download it from Apps and Features->Optional features->Add a feature.
Retargeted IE11 to be default browser and Zwift is still a white screen.
Read the log files and don’t see any obvious hangups with how its booting.

You don’t need IE to be the default browser, it’s just what Zwift uses. Now you’ve got it installed I’d try the clean install of Zwift again. So uninstall, clear out Documents\Zwift and Downloads\Zwift, reboot and try again. Make sure you install the .NET Framework that pops up, if you didn’t the first time. Having a newer version already installed doesn’t matter, you still need it.

Beyond that I’m out of ideas I’m afraid.

Gave that a shot - no dice unfortunately. Hoping someone from Zwift Support might be able to help in the future so I can become a full customer.

Thanks for the advice, Dave!

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