White screen on app launch

Have used zwift for a long time on my mac, now suddenly when I click on the app all I get is a white screen which does not load anything.

The application has been deleted and reinstalled but no difference.
Help would be much appreciated!

Same thing happened to me today on my mac. Worked yesterday, but not today. I hope someone can help us.

I have exactly the same problem with my mac. I do not know what to do and I contacted the support for that. I hope they will help us.

Looking for a status update on this, as this now has happened on my Mac. Any resolution out there?

There I was, gear on and ready to go but a white screen on my mac told me no…

Having the same issue. Tried everything from restarting my computer 3 times to re-installing twice.

Hope to have a resolution soon cause my weekly challenge is in danger. :slight_smile:


(Macbook pro 2010 - V10.11.6)

I’m having the exact same problem on my Mac. Tried new installation and it failed.

Same here. Zwift not lauching on Mac

Still no change for me…!

I feel slightly relieved that it’s not just me, Ive had same problem on my Mac and was starting to pull my hair out.
White screen and nothing else.

Not had any problems before (was due to due Stage 6 of Tour of Watopia).
Tried reinstalling Zwift a couple of times, rebooting computer etc all to no avail.
Internet appears to be working fine.

This also happens to me, I’m on a PC though and get two script errors.zwift%20script%20error%2001 zwift%20script%20error%2002

I contacted Zwift and they recommended upgrading the operating system to Mojave (10.14)
I’m currently using 10.11.16 and don’t really want to change to operating system unless I have no option!

After updating my Windows the problem was solved.

Script errors are fixed in IE>Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Reset IE settings

Zwift uses IE when it launches.

Hey Ian,
Did you get a fix with the update to Mojave (10.14)?
I too am currently running 10.11.16 on my macbook pro and don’t really want to change.

Hi Nick,
I really don’t want to upgrade my operating system, unless I have no option, so no I haven’t done that.
Also Zwift say that MacOS 10.9 onwards is supported.

I did however delete Zwift, restore it from a backup of a week or so ago (Time machine) switching off the auto-update option.
It seemed to work but unfortunately when I turned Zwift off and then restarted it I was back to the white screen.:rage:
Has anyone else found a solution?

I have updated to Mojave and now it works fine… Shame it took soo long to update though!

IE reset didn’t do the trick, something was outdated after the latest Zwift update.

I downloaded Zwift for the free trial and it all went well. A week later I have upgraded to the full one month sub. but when I click the App icon on my mac the Zwift window appears but stays completely white - no options to login or anything.

I uninstalled (deleted app) and redownloaded, shutdown and rebooted, etc, but still the same issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So I have the same problem. Tried everything at my disposal but all to no avail.

After reading other comments about updating to Mojave I decided to try that. However my macbook from around 2010 does not support Mojave. So what to do now? Everything was working fine before and zwift can’t just expect me to buy a new computer due to their software changes.

Help from Zwift would be greatly appreciated.

If you haven’t already done so, I would suggest you contact Zwift support (support@zwift.com).
They initially seemed to think it was only affecting MacOS10.10 and earlier but I have repeatedly pointed out that this is clearly not the case.
They suggested that clearing the Safari cache and cookies but sadly that made no difference.
Their only other suggestion was to upgrade to Mojave, but I really don’t want to do this.

It has now been escalated to Tier 3 (whatever that is) and I have sent Zwift my log files (stored on the computer under Zwift).

I can only suggest that if enough people contact Zwift support directly. it may speed things up.
Good Luck