White Screen On App Launch (Windows, Launcer 1.1.4)

This bug has been going on for two years. The software is up-to-date and has been completely uninstalled and reinstalled several times. My procedure for logging into Zwift is currently:

  • Launch Zwift, get stuck at the white screen of doom
  • Force quit the app
  • Launch again, login screen shows
  • Re-authenticate, now I’m in.

Since I expect that nobody will believe I’m up-to-date, attached is a picture. Platform is a fully-patched Windows 10 system.

It’s less frequent these days IMO but this problem never actually went away.

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Thanks for confirming that this issue still exists, at least somewhat. I saw that a previous post regarding the white launch screen was closed with “Fixed in Launcher 1.1.4”, which removed the dependency on IE, so I figured everyone would just tell me I’m being dumb and need to update my system.

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A very simple workaround is to focus the white window (click in it) and press Ctrl+R to force a reload.

There is no reason to force close Zwift, relaunch, reinstall, or any of the other ‘solutions’ I have seen described over time. The white window is simply because the login page hasn’t fully loaded, do a forced reload (same as in a browser window) helps.


Yup, right click and choose reload (or refresh, whatever it is) is what I do.


I’m having the issue now. Nothing changed at my end, apart from the updates, but everytime I start Zwift now I’m getting the white screen.

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I am still having this problem. I’ve patiently waited for the login screen to render, sometimes waiting up to ten minutes. I’ve tried to refresh the login screen (Ctrl-R). I’ve cleanly removed and re-installed the app. None of these have worked.

The computer is a Windows 10 machine that I only use for Zwift. It has a wired network connection which is working just fine (can ping, load web pages, etc.). For some reason, Zwift just won’t fully load the login page on the first try. It’s so frustrating that I’ve basically stopped using Zwift at this point.

you really don’t need to wait 10 minutes (your patients is about 1,000,000% better than mine!)

close the window - shut the app down in the windows tray then relaunch - this should work, if not try again, if not reboot and try again.

it can be worse at times of weak/poor internet connection when you try and launch the app which can make it hang.

One other thing - sometimes when i get this if you click where the button should be it will launch. hover over the area until the cursor changes and then click and it might load - this doesn’t always happen but worth a go.

I appreciate the response, but I have done all of that. I am out of things to try. I’m a software developer. If there were something simple I could do, I would have done it by now. A login screen should be responsive. It should just render immediately.

I know it’s not the connection - I can ping any site the Internet before attempting to load Zwift. However, I have seen it where I can press the area where the login button should be and get past the screen, though that doesn’t always work. I assume the root of the problem is embedding a Microsoft Edge control in the login screen, which seems needlessly complicated.

I’m out of time to debug Zwift for now, so probably just going to go for a run (in the real world) instead of Zwift today.

Yes Edge is the problem. If you get the white screen close Zwift from the taskbar (right click close window) then open EDGE minimize it and restart Zwift.

Are there any plans to fix the login screen (probably by removing the Edge control)? With no exaggeration, this happens to me 100% of the time and it makes for a poor user experience.

Note that the machine I’m using is typically powered off between Zwift sessions, so leaving Edge running isn’t an option. I also never use Edge for anything at all. It’s not signed in to a Microsoft account or anything like that and is basically configured with whatever the default settings are.

I just want to be able to turn on the machine, turn on the trainer, login, and ride.

You don’t have to leave Edge running, just open it from time to time. It does not happen to my PC but it happen to my Wife’s pc. But i found if I open Edge from time to time it happens less. As a software developer you know there things better than me. And can probably know why this happens.

You can close Edge once Zwift login is open.

I also have a White screen, but my screen is closed by itself few seconds after launching the app. Do you now what I can do, please?

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I don’t have a good answer for you. The issue with the login screen is related to it’s dependency on Microsoft Edge (it’s basically running a browser inside the login window). Sometimes the screen finally loads, after 20 or 30 seconds. Sometimes I can click on where the Login button should be and get in that way. However, neither of these solutions are 100% reliable and sometimes I end up force quitting the application and trying again.

If I were in your situation, I’d probably see if the application was still running after the screen disappeared by looking in Task Manager. If it is then it didn’t crash, but is probably held up waiting for whatever the Edge control is doing. If it isn’t there then it crashed. Submit a bug report with your findings and hopefully they’ll fix it. Perhaps make sure that Microsoft Edge loads without issues, regardless of whatever Zwift si doing.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.

I wish they’d replace their overly complicated login screen with a simpler one that didn’t depend on Edge, but there doesn’t seem to be much interest in doing that, even though it creates a real bad user experience for anyone on Windows.