White Screen On App Launch (Windows, Launcer 1.1.4)

This bug has been going on for two years. The software is up-to-date and has been completely uninstalled and reinstalled several times. My procedure for logging into Zwift is currently:

  • Launch Zwift, get stuck at the white screen of doom
  • Force quit the app
  • Launch again, login screen shows
  • Re-authenticate, now I’m in.

Since I expect that nobody will believe I’m up-to-date, attached is a picture. Platform is a fully-patched Windows 10 system.

It’s less frequent these days IMO but this problem never actually went away.

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Thanks for confirming that this issue still exists, at least somewhat. I saw that a previous post regarding the white launch screen was closed with “Fixed in Launcher 1.1.4”, which removed the dependency on IE, so I figured everyone would just tell me I’m being dumb and need to update my system.

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A very simple workaround is to focus the white window (click in it) and press Ctrl+R to force a reload.

There is no reason to force close Zwift, relaunch, reinstall, or any of the other ‘solutions’ I have seen described over time. The white window is simply because the login page hasn’t fully loaded, do a forced reload (same as in a browser window) helps.


Yup, right click and choose reload (or refresh, whatever it is) is what I do.


I’m having the issue now. Nothing changed at my end, apart from the updates, but everytime I start Zwift now I’m getting the white screen.