PC Launcher app blank screen [August 2022]

We’re aware of an issue where the Zwift Launcher app will turn blank and hang for some Windows users after upgrading to game version 1.28.0.

This appears to happen if the Zwift launcher app is already running in the background when you update the game client.


1a. CTRL-ALT-DEL to get to the Windows Task Manager.
2a. Right click over the Zwift Launcher and end that running process.
3. Relaunch Zwift.

Method B:

1b. Look for the orange Z icon in the lower right of the Windows Task Bar
2b. Right click that icon and choose Exit.
3. Relaunch Zwift


I have tried both closing Zwift from task manager and out the tray neither work.
I have fully uninstalled Zwift and reinstalled to the latest version and still only get a white screen. It was working a few weeks ago now it just sits on a white screen.

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I see the blank screen launcher problem after windows update installs some patch sets. I use windows 10 pro and have turned off automatic patch updates, so windows update only runs when I launch it. Restarting the OS resolves the problem for me, so I assume that at one cause is related to patch sets. I’ve been seeing the blank screen launcher problem for months

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Same thing here from yesterday August the 15th: blank screen.

I still get it occasionally right from when I first started seeing it months ago. I now use the Zwift Login script from ZwiftHacks, and it just doesn’t bother me. Have 4 riders in the house, so the script is useful that way too.


I have the same issue, since the most recent update i get to the log on screen select “Lets Go” and then the app closes. i have reinstalled twice and closed the launcerh through Task manager.

Started seeing this issue 21/August. Been working fine for several years previously.

White screen instead of login. Eventually I get Z01 error msg that Zwift cant connect to the internet.

Internet connection is fine…

Tried closing the launching and relaunching as suggested. Same behaviour - I’m dead in the water right now…


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Hey all - thanks for reporting in. In checking some of your server logs, I’m seeing some of you are on older versions of the Zwift launcher for PC.

  1. The TLDR thing I’d like to ask you to try is to download the latest Zwift app bundle from zwift.com/downloads and manually install that over your existing installation. At the moment, that includes launcher app v1.1.4.

When installing launcher v1.1.4 you may see prompts to install Microsoft components that Zwift needs to run correctly. Say yes to those prompts.

  1. If you’re getting Zxx error codes - that can happen if files were corrupted during download and the launcher app is choking on them during installation. If that’s the case - you should manually delete all things Zwift on your computer, before manually downloading and installing the latest version. Please make sure to back up any personal best and customer workout files before deleting. Step by step instructions are here.

Either way - reboot your computer after installing Zwift, and the blank / white launcher screen should be resolved.

No joy.

Uninstalled zwift, deleted its directory, downloaded zwift setup, ran it, installed ok.

When I run zwiftlauncher, I again get the blank white box. After a couple of minutes, I get a popup dialog “zwift is unable to connect to the internet. Please check your internet connection and try again… If the problem persists, please contact zwift support with error code ZL01. Would you like to go to the zwift support page now?”

Internet connection is fine. Zwift had been working fine for months until yesterday…


can you do a ping test? Zwiftalizer 2.0

Also check if you can get to the forum from your PC using the EDGE browser.

Sounds like you never got past the launcher and into the game’s home screen, is that so? If yes - we’ll want to look at your Launcher logs and provide some one-on-one assistance offline.

This is where to locate the three types of log files. The ones called Launcher_log.txt, Launcher_log(old1, 2, 3, etc).txt are for the launcher. The ones called log.txt, log(old1,2, 3, etc).txt are the game app log files. We may want those too for good measure.

Text files can’t be uploaded to the forums - so please reach out toe one of my colleagues and attach the log(s) via email. As you initiate the chat session - say that you want to email a log file to us, and reference the URL for this discussion so you don’t have to re-type what’s happening.

I’ve managed to get it working - I reinstalled Edge and Zwift and rebooted several times.

Now, when I start the Launcher, I still get the white screen, but I can now close the ZwiftLauncher process, restart and it works ok as explained.

Thanks for your help - I look forward to the fix for the white screen issue!


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@shooj - my Zwift Launcher is showing v1.1.2

I’ve got a perfectly good workaround using the Zwifthacks Zwift Login script, and I use Zwift is a pretty odd way sometimes (running more than one copy on the same machine) - I don’t really want to mess with my Zwift install, but why isn’t the Launcher updating?

The same variants of blank screen still happen on 1.1.4 and have done from the beginning, so don’t worry about it.


Guys, I had teh same problem. Nothing above mentioned helped. Untill I saw by accident :slight_smile: that I had a folder Zwift in my Onedrive. I deleted hat folder - did an new installation and it worked - problem solved - cheers

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This just happened to me last night - launch screen starts, then stops.
I uninstalled the app, reinstalled, it went thru an update, then the same thing happens, opening screen of rotating pictures runs for about 10 seconds, then shuts down (also in tray)
I removed history from Edge (I use Firefox as a browser, so don’t think that could be the issue).
I contacted support via Chat, they had me email my logs to them, still awaiting follow-up.
Anything else I can do?


Same to me, I am trying to start a trial period; After installing and upgrading, the program crashes.

Hi @Octavian_Pop, welcome to the forums. Are you getting the blank white screen? Close Zwift and restart it, or click on the white screen and press ctrl-r to reload it. If it is crashing somewhere else, then you might have a different issue.