Blank load screen (Windows)

Windows 11 Home, Version 10.0.22621

On the latest release (10th May) the load screen is now a blank white screen whereas it used to (and presumably is still meant to) show images:

This have been happening for over a year. Sometimes it show the image other times it is blank.

Have you got the latest launcher version? 1.1.7

Yes, 1.1.7. Is it even possible NOT to have the latest launcher with WIndows Zwift client doing auto-updates?

Thanks Gerrie, that generally seems to be the case whenever I log anything, but has anyone actually reported it here? Is there a “known issues” ticket for it? (I couldn’t see one if so but the search is terrible)

It is.

Game update no but the launcher is sometimes updated and available to download via prior to it being a mandatory update.

Not the case here.

The white screen was an issue going back a year or so but was big fixed and I’ve not seen mass reporting of the issue since.

I get it once in a blue moon but ordinarily when I’m launching Zwift alongside other apps. I leave Zwift to load on its own prior to launching anything else to minimise it happening.

It is related to this :PC Launcher app blank screen [August 2022]

But I think we don’t see any reports because it does happen infrequently and it does not stop people from using Zwift.

Lots of images here: Zwift Launcher v1.1.3 for Windows [April 2022] - #22 by Dave_ZPCMR

Launcher version 1.1.8 out now. Install that and see if it improves things.