Blank white launcher screen hangs on Windows [September 2022]

Once again I’m sat looking at a plain white square Swift has done an update without giving me any warning this just isn’t good enough I check the Companion app regularly throughout the day ensure I don’t get caught out.

Swift really must give more notice and a screen displays progress I don’t know where the mines broken, hung or just taking a long time.

This is a seriously amateur experience and I expect better

The update also hung for me on the launcher window after the update was finished, it was just a plain white square. I closed it, this is on Windows 10, using the x in the upper right corner. Launched Zwift again and it started right up. The entire process took about 3 minutes on a not very impressive laptop.

FYI @shooj

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I had the same as @Mike_Rowe1 on one of the 3 Windows 10 pc’s that I updated today. This is not the first time that it got stuck on the white screen but I always just close it and restart the PC. I always restart my PC after a Install.

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I’ll go update my main Zwift rig and report back, also Win 10.

Same thing happened on my main rig, hung up after the update on the launcher with a blank white screen.

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I also can reproduce the white screen in the Zwift launcher app after the initial installation of a new game update. We’re tracking this bug.


  • Start the Windows Task Manager by hitting CTRL + ALT + DEL and select Task Manager.
  • Select Zwift Launcher in the list of running apps.
  • Click End Task.
  • Relaunch Zwift.

This should only have to be done one time if the installation hangs on a white screen upon updating the game. The next time you fire up Zwift, the game update should be complete. If that’s not the case - please let us know.


same here

Not sure if related, but since this update the launcher closes itself if the shortcut is copied into shell:startup (as I’ve had set for years). Verified on multiple systems. The launcher log file appears to show WebView2 trying to start twice. This is irrespective of the Auto Startup setting chosen. No issues with the update.

Same here (Windows 10 Pro 21H2 19044.2075)

After update Windows, I can’t doing anything about Zwift(ver 1.1.4).

Everything stops after white square on the sceen.

I already try several methods but nothing working.- Zwift Task End at task manager, rebooting laptop and re-installing Zwift launcher.

Plz let me know how could I solve this problem.