Start up white screen - launcher outdated following update

Here we are in 2022 and following an all too frequent update I get the white screen on start up. Google tells me this is due to an outdated launcher. Difficult for us to not have this update with updates, can that be fixed?

Second, the solution seems to be uninstall and re-install. Could the install download be kept up to date at some point? I’ve re-installed and now there is an hour long update process. How is that useful or justified? Can someone look at that please.


Missed workout.

Game updates are always once a month, with typically one or two patches following on for things that go wrong. It’s very regular and has no bearing on the launcher issues.

The launcher can be updated without reinstalling the whole game. Nevertheless, the time a full install takes is based almost exclusively on your internet and storage speed, which are both outside of Zwift’s control. An hour suggests yours are particularly slow.

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Not particularly helpful, but thanks for the reply.

Hardware is fine, including m2 ssd. Download is not bottlenecked by my internet connection, more likely server demand I would suggest.

A link or suggestion where to find just an updated launcher would be useful to myself and anyone else finding this thread.

Sorry you didn’t find my reply helpful. I mention it because I’ve installed the game well over a hundred times and a full install typically takes about 20mins for me. I can only recall one occasion when the download server was running slowly. Unless it’s one of those occasions, yours shouldn’t take an hour.

The launcher is just the game installer, as obtained from Download Zwift on iOS, MAC, PC, or Android Devices | Zwift


That is a much more patient and reasoned reply than I would have typed.
Well done, Sir.

Thanks Dave.

For those watching at home, and given this seems to be a commonly discussed item.

Summarising what worked for me.
Q: I get the white screen on start up. Google tells me this is due to an outdated launcher.
A: Download the installer and run it. This should update the launcher.

My initial post was on the back of missing a planned meetup. I had googled and found a Zwift helper response that looked quite legit stating to completely uninstall and re-install the program.

We are not allowed to post links, but the thread title is:

This then led to an extended update on launching. And I suggest when an update causes issues the download server may be a little slow to respond. On a quicker broadband connection with good hardware the process took around 40 minutes early on a Sunday morning. No household internet traffic except myself, and not a usual peak time for my time zone. Download speed varied between 8mbps and 20mbps - much slower than my measured capacity.

I’ve gone back to that post with a view to replying and suggesting not to uninstall, but the answer flagged at the top of the post doesn’t appear to match the actual when looking through the thread - but it is a very long thread. Perhaps one of the helpers or moderators could assist users searching forums for answers by looking at that thread.

Cheers. Peter.

A common “remedy” in these forums (and elsewhere) is to re-install Zwift (and re-boot your router, etc.)

I know of no other application requiring re-installation at the frequency with which Zwift is suggested to be…


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40mins is still very slow even for a full reinstall (perhaps your system was doing some big Windows Updates at the same time?), but that does explain the confusion. The post you mention is a bit misleading; a complete reinstall doesn’t hurt anything but definitely isn’t necessary to update only the launcher. :+1:

FWIW I still have some issues with the latest version from time to time, but I haven’t had the white screen problem for a while so hopefully you’ll be sorted now.

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I get the odd white screen but simply terminate the program in the system tray and restart it. Never get white screen twice.

Tend to get it if I launch Zwift before Windows has fully completed loading.

It’s not exactly an issue. Maybe takes me 10 seconds extra to get to where I need to be.

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Hi @Stuart.Middlecoate

Did you update to the latest launcher from the Zwift web page.

All updated Gerrie, it’s not a big issue for me.

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That is interesting @Stuart.Middlecoate.

When I have issues that are similar, it is because I did not reboot my laptop. Now I reboot prior to Zwift and clear out the system tray of non-needed items. Note my laptop is not dedicated to Zwift and use it for other activities.

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ Well you’ve nailed it. Double checked and for whatever reason I’m running 1.1.1 of the launcher. Not sure how I’ve done that other than using an old download during a recent installation.

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To be clear, “turn off and back on again” technical fix was applied to app and os more than once on the day with no joy. My issue required the launcher to be updated.

Once it gets that white screen, I just reboot the computer and restart Zwift. It then works until the next update.

Another annoyance that I get sometime is that my account gets logged off when update occurs, join a ride then it says I only got so many KMs left on my account. That I usually fix that by completely logging off and logging back in.

Hi, since the latest update on windows 10, I get the white screen. Have tried resetting PC and fresh reinstall but no luck. Have also tried installing on a separate laptop and get the same issue. Anyone else have this problem? It was working a week ago

I just did a fresh install of zwift on a computer I had just installed windows on after changing the hard drive and got the white screen on launching.

I hovered over where the buttons should be and the cursor changed and i was able to click it and it loaded as expected. I’ve had this before but thought I may have been on the old launcher still.

All the same issues still occur, just less frequently. I had the white screen yesterday.

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Had this again this morning