Day1 - Zwift Launcher not updating

I joined today and am keen to get started. However after downloading, installing and waiting over an hour for the application to update, I have switched to another PC.

The computers both have decent specs, dedicated video cards and meet the min requirements. I have no viruses, configuration issues with firewall and I have a 900mbps connection.

If it were not for friends telling me how great Zwift was I would have given up before I started.

Anyone shed any light on why it takes hours to update a 32mb application. I am still not sure it will as the time required to update just increases.

Many Thanks

I used to have such. Then I switched ISPs…

In the meanwhile, you might want to consider linking by tethering your mobile.

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Looks like you got it working. I guess the launcher is a small file but the actual game is a large file. Download speed also depends on the zwift servers I guess.

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Thanks for your reply. One PC shows 6 hours to update and the other steamed through in around 45 mins. Very odd. I checked the log files, and it wasn’t frozen, files were being added, albeit slowly.