Download speed

why does it take sooooo long to load and update everytime I go to use the app?
It has just taken 13 minutes - which I is not unusual, often it freezes and I have to start again, it didn’t freeze this time. my internet has a download speed today of 16.5Mbps.
I’m having a hip replacement soon and it kills me to keep getting on and off the bike to restart the bike
help welcome
the Nickelboy

Hi @The_Nickelboy, this long update time is most likely the cause of your device being slow, not Zwift. It took my windows 10 PC about 30 seconds to download and update yesterday, and that is the typical time it takes each month/update.

What device are you using and what are the specs? My download internet speed is about the same as yours, nothing crazy fast as my PC is in the basement pretty far from the wifi router. You might also consider restarting your router from time to time and setting it on a channel rather than letting it auto connect.