Zwift App Does Nothing

Hi all

I woke up early to get a short session on Zwift and was welcomed by a completely blank app, so I uninstalled, reinstalled, still nothing. I uninstalled, reinstalled with administrator rights, still nothing, so ran as administrator and still nothing. I tried my wife’s laptop but it was giving folder issues so I did the same but I cannot get the Zwift app to work so I gave up…

Any ideas? I haven’t been on Zwift for two weeks and it used to be slow as I have an old laptop but I have never had issues where I couldn’t get it to work.


See White Screen after Zwift Update on Windows 10 [Januarty 2022]

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Hi @Nicholas_Catt

Sorry to hear about that! Yes, it seems you’ve encountered a known issue and it’s one that Zwift’s developers are working to fix.

Doesn’t seem that there’s a solid workaround for this issue as yet, but some Zwifters have had intermittent success force closing the Zwift launcher (e.g. by closing from the Task manager) and then launching it again. As I understand it, pressing the “X” just minimizes the launcher and doesn’t actually close it, so it’s best to force close it from the Task Manager.

Plus, if you read through the thread Steve linked above, there are some iffy possible workarounds that seem to sometimes work for others. It’s hit and miss though.

In the meantime, if you have a different device that can run Zwift, that might also be advisable until such a time as there’s a more reliable workaround or our team fixes the issue in an upcoming update.