Only shows a white screen

After this Zwift update, the program doesn’t run and only shows a white screen. (photo attached)
I get the same symptoms even if I delete zwift and reinstall it twice. I even updated my windows and it still doesn’t work.
What should I do in this case??

that’s odd is it just the first zwift launch screen?

I sometimes get that on launch and usually open task manager kill zwift launcher and try again.

I’ve already done it as you say, but it’s no use.

Hi @yeo_seola, I’m Gian at Zwift. I’m sorry to hear that you’re getting a white screen when launching Zwift on your PC. I appreciate you trying a re-installation and making sure your Windows is up-to-date.

I’ve looked at your past app sessions and it appears that you may have OneDrive on your PC. If it’s backing up your Documents folder, it may lead to problems when trying to launch the app. As a test, you can try turning it off, perform a clean install by following the steps in our support article, and launch again. Please make sure to follow the steps in the article to back up any custom workouts you may have before performing a clean install.

If the issue persists, please review our support article for other common causes.

If all the above isn’t working, please reach out to us so our team can dig deeper into this!

Same problem after this latest update. I spent 2hrs with all the fixes recommended under support articles, forums, etc. White screen with launcher. Uninstalled onedrive, reset Edge, took off firewalls/tinkered with Edge, uninstalled/reinstalled zwift many times. Many times rebooting computer.

Could not get an ambassador on the chat. Clicked button and nothing happened except closing box.

New zwift update does work on my older windows 11 computer, but I don’t want to use that one–it’s in a different room and aging/slowly dying. Keep in mind I didn’t change anything on my system, only Zwift changed with latest software.

Hi @Jim_Trout, Gian here at Zwift. Sorry you’re having the same issue even after extensive troubleshooting.

I see you tried to chat with support but the option wasn’t working. Could you please try heading over to and clicking on “Contact us” at the top right? That should get you in touch with our team. Once you do, you can let us know the steps you’ve already taken so our team has a better idea of the problem. Please also locate your logs file and send us your Launcher_log.txt files.

We look forward to helping further!

Corrections recommended by support articles, forums, etc. did not resolve the issue.
Just in case, I ran Zwift with administrative authority. Then the problem was solved. Currently, I continue to run with administrative authority and am using it.

I tried using run as administrator as well–no luck. After a few go arounds with aforementioned fixes, ambassador suggested creating new windows user name. I really didn’t like this option, since I’d need to sign out of my normal screen and use a special new name everytime I wanted to zwift, but I did it anyway. Yes, this new username took care of the white screen. Have tried uninstalling/installing and other usual fixes on my original microsoft windows username, but still white screen. Used twice now with new username. A bit of a pain, but it still works. With the fee increase I’m leaning to cancelling my zwift…