Can't launch Zwift, not even the white screen

Hi tried to start Zwift and all I have is a little task in the task bar for 5 seconds and it disappeared. Win10 update over the weekend and all of a sudden I can start and not now. Turned off firewall (Norton) still don’t work.
Found a window error reporting in event viewer and don’t know what it means. emailed Zwift and no reply at all, very disappointed.

Anyone can help?

Hi @Daniel_Lai

Welcome to the forum.

Have you tried to uninstall Zwift? Did you use the Hack to ride France in the past?

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Hi Gerrie, never use Hack to ride France in the past. I have uninstall/install a few times and turned off the firewall, still can’t launch. After the latest WIN10 update all of a sudden i can launch Zwift and it stopped again. Very frustrated.