Zwift not launching

Hello there I’ve updated Zwift to the latest version on my windows 7 pc and it will not load regardless of clearing cache / deleting cookies etc I’m running windows 7 professional I’ve done many uninstall / reinstall sessions still no luck

Is it in Internet Explorer that you’ve cleared cache and cookies? Because the Zwift launcher uses IE.

Yup multiple times man

There are some other posts reporting from (at least that’s my impression) quite similar problems. I can’t post links, but you may check out the Known Issues section…

thank you i’ll give it a look

still unable to launch zwift on windows 7

Can you upgrade to Windows 10? Windows 7 has not been supported by MS for a couple years now.

i dont have the funds to upgrade to windows 10 zwift had been running on 7 for months without issue

15:53:13 2021-06-29] Launcher: Checking for VerCur Override
[15:53:13 2021-06-29] Launcher: prefs.xml file not found.
[15:53:13 2021-06-29] Launcher: Auto Startup is Enabled.
[15:53:13 2021-06-29] Launcher: Launcher Version Number 1.0.52
[15:53:13 2021-06-29] Launcher: Checking for 64-bit OS
[15:53:13 2021-06-29] Launcher: Setting Sleep Callback
[15:53:13 2021-06-29] Launcher: Initializing UI Components
[15:53:13 2021-06-29] Launcher: Setting Browser Events
[15:53:13 2021-06-29] Launcher: Initializing Tray Components
[15:53:13 2021-06-29] Launcher: Initializing Patcher
[15:53:13 2021-06-29] Launcher: Setting Login URL
[15:53:13 2021-06-29] Launcher: prefs.xml file not found.

this is from my logs

It’s free.

When I last tried to download it they wanted 140$ for it

It’s completely free to download and install, and you don’t ever have to activate it. You lose nothing except some customisation options (which are easily bypassed) and gain a small watermark which isn’t visible in full screen games.

However if you have a Windows 7 license key sticker physically on your PC you can simply enter that during the installation to fully activate it anyway.

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Oh ok I didn’t know that I’ll give it a go before I get a beer computer


You can use this: Download Windows 10