Zwift please give back our XP after level 60

This is more a knock on how unmanageable our garages are at higher levels. We’ve all accumulated so many items that we’ll never use without any way of managing any of it or the ability to get rid of items.


I have to agree. Bad idea that would only get negative feedback.

I have nearly every bike you can get in Zwift and have no trouble managing them. I use just two or three mainly.

The way to manage them better is to “favourite” certain bikes or wheels which will be shown above the others.

I guess I’d be level 70 or 75 by now given the reset and the riding I’ve done since. I was 892,000 XP before that was taken away and now been at 750,000 for a long time.

How are you doing this? I don’t have this option.

There is no option. That’s what Chris is saying, it would be better to have this option.

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Ah, that went over my head but I would agree. There’s a whole thread full of great ideas to make garage organization a thing. My suggestion in here was dripping with sarcasm since all of those great suggestions have been ignored for years.

or just do like every other online game has these days and a have a profile system where you can swap between a few pre-selectable configurations.

With the new update my bonus XPs from mileage over level 50 have disappeared. I only got 30 XPs per mile instead of the usual 60 XPs.

I still have the arrow from level 55-60.


According to the comments on the release article on Zwift Insider, you are actually still getting the 60 XP, it’s just not displaying as such when you tick over a new mile.


Same with me. I read about it on Zwift Insider, hope Zwift is aware of this issue as well.

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I also noticed that bonus points disappeared after the update. I just rode Scotland and was getting 20 points per km instead of 40.

I’m at level 53 with bonus points activated until level 58 for me.

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I noticed the same thing today.

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I managed to reach Level 60 during the week, but have noticed my Rider Score (XP) is now stuck on 750000. I have ridden another 50 or 60k since hen but no change. Any ideas?

It’s capped on screen but it’s still being counted in the background.

There are plans to display the actual total in future releases.

it won’t change, that’s how it is and it will remain that way until they decide to show us what our real XP level is. Apparently it is hidden away on their servers somewhere.

I personally don’t see what’s so hard about just updating rider score to show actual earned XP. Maybe the user-experience people have some curated explanation for it.

I’m hoping when it does get sorted out it won’t be a second reset back to 500,000… Before the first reset I was above 892,000XP, then reset back to 500,000, now at 750,000 (for quite a long time). I don’t need special unlocks at higher levels, just real XP and normal level progression is enough for me.


This thread just goes on and on and on.
There seems to be a lot of misinformation about accumulating XP, when users get double XP and when users can exchange accumulated XP and banked XP for levels.

People are complaining that they are not getting Double XP for completing routes during the TOW.
Was this ever implied?
I thought in TOW, we got Double XP for each km or mile. Everything was the same.
People who have maxed out the experience level (> level 60) accumulate XP at the normal rate of 20 per km and 30 per mile (unless in a Double XP event).
Their points are stored in the XP bank and when more levels are available, they can use their current and banked XP to level up more quickly.

Please correct me if I am misunderstanding this.
Everybody accumulates XP at the same rate, some get to purchase levels at an accelerated rate if they have XP banked and there are levels to move up to.

I don’t remember that ever being the case. Double XP for each km ridden, yes, but the standard additional XP award for completing the route badge.

also if you get the XP bonus power up it is still the same, not doubled during ToW.

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That is how I understand it. If you had, for example 600,000 XP when levels 51-60 were introduced, you will receive 2 x XP until you have used up the additional 100,000, at which point it will revert to normal. If you already had >750,000 then you will receive 2 x XP all the way through to level 60.

I could be wrong - it is usually the case - but i think if you had 625,000 then you’d get double until 750,000 wouldn’t you? because of the doubling.

Originally the story was that when the new levels were added people were reset back to 500,000 XP and would accumulate XPs at double the rate until the amount they had previously had over 500,000 ran out or they hit level 60 then any remaining XP would be given back.
Then it changed to you’d continue to get double XP until all you previous total had been added back even after level 60.
Then it stopped accumulating after level 60 and everyone stopped at 750,000 this was said to be an error.
then it was said this was intentional.
then they said they really do know what we should have and it is still adding up somewhere in the background and they’ll correct it soon/sometime after lots of events/tours.
then the double XP broke after an update and zwift has been a bit silent on that

and that brings us up to date