Zwift please give back our XP after level 60




I’m not sure this is the same issue so not too sure it should have been merged?

asking people who are already at level 60 to gain XP (whether they were adding up or not) is a bit of a pointless thing to do.


Totally agree.
But it shows once again, that Zwift does not care much about long-term users. Otherwise they would have at least added a filter for the mass mailing to exclude level 60 users.


But level 60 still get XP so the statement is true. You just can’t see the XP for now.

but the point of the email wasn’t to just randomly accumulate XPs for no reason, it was to level up which you can’t do at level 60 if they are adding XPs or not.


I don’t think this is accurate. I care :heart_eyes:


I did not see the whole E-mail but what was posted does not mention leveling up.

Edit: Just looked at the Email and it has a blurb about leveling up which is still true because as we accumulate XP we will level up faster when they have more levels.


It’s just lazy email marketing, they probably could exclude all level 60 zwifters if they took the time. I’m sure they are more concerned with emails that bounce back as undeliverable and counting how many click throughs they get.


Having a custom E-mail just for level 60 seem a bit unreasonable.

It was said to exclude the level 60 Zwifters, not generating an extra one.
Since the mass mailer already got your level to use it in the email, they could easily have dropped the email completely when “level >= 60”.

I’d agree, similar to the free shipping on Zwift Hub emails I was getting last week even though I live in a country they don’t sell into.


The original email for the Tour

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Yep, I flagged that at the time, I believe they changed it afterwards.

I’ve been sick since the beginning of February, so haven’t been on Zwift and paused my membership for a month. I resumed payment yesterday and started Zwifting again.
I got to Level 50 in November 2020, so was on accelerated XP to Level 60, and before my break I was seeing double XP’s.

Today and yesterday after resuming, I’m no longer getting double XP’s per km.
I looked on the Pause screen and it still shows the accelerated icon LL55>>LL60. But my rider score is only showing 600390.

I can’t remember what it was before my break, but I hit L50 at 19,745km with a rider score of 500101. Since then I’ve done 11,800km, so even at normal XP, 20 per km, and without counting bonus XP for route badges, banners etc, that should be an extra 236,000 XP meaning it should show at least 736,101 Rider score.

Am I missing something that happened during my time away? Or is it a bug?
@shooj @James_Zwift

Theres a known issue where it is only showing single xp but you are still getting double xp.

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@shooj you just moved my new post into this topic.

BUT, I’m only at Level 55, NOT 60, so why did you move it here? and others who are Level 50+ cyclists:

The thing to look at is your Ride Score in the Pause menu. It’s your Rider Score that determines your level so that’s what you should look at (not the XP bumps at each kilometer) to make sure you’re gaining levels until the current L60 ceiling for cycling / L30 ceiling for running.

Please see this part of the Tracking Your Rider Score article for a more detailed description.

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Checked this today and yes you are earning the correct XP & the orange bar is progressing at the correct rate.

It’s simply that the pop up XP amount per mile/km is wrong.

Or Zwift could fix this bug and not give us homework. :stuck_out_tongue:

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