Zwift please give back our XP after level 60

It is not a good move to take away XP from people that have earned it over many years or to stop giving XP to any of us. Earning XP is one more incentive to ride.
Please reconsider this move of freezing XP at 750,000.
Thank you for listening.

From what I understand is you will still accumulate XP like before the Level 60 addition. see: Banked XP Question - #9 by Juan_Lopes_Z

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I’ve asked the team to have a look.

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Can you take a screenshot of your pause screen for me please?

Thank you James.

Thanks Keith

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Your Welcome James, we appreciate you!

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I think someone said banked XP is visible in the log file…

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Holy moly! Level 60 already?!?

The 6.1wkg for 20min is very impressive too.

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This is all just one elaborate humble brag :smiley:


And only 30.230 km. I am at level 52 with 32.000 km.
How is that possible?

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Best time up Alpe du Zwift is 36:29 (659/477889) @ 303W.

Which team are you under contract with, Keith? :thinking:


A 36’r at 303 watts is a very light rider !

BooX ( that might do a 4x’r on a good day :grin: )

about 50kg according to this How Long Does It Take to Ride Up Alpe du Zwift? | Zwift Insider


6 W/Kg for 35 minutes gotta hurt :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::blush:

And btw…. Yes please give us more levels :pray:


OK, please let me explain this. I was riding in a Zwift event stage. Just as I was getting to the green screen, Hancock (AKA Will Smith) came flying through my window, pulled me off the bike and flew up ADZ like the lightening, when he was done, he did not look tired nor had he broken a sweat, he looked at me, gave me a thumbs up and said: “Good job!”. I replied: “No – Hancock – you good job!”. He flew out my window I got back on my bike and rode down ADZ.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :blush:
Or maybe my trainer was wacked or it was all the drafting in the group. And i was not the fastest up ADZ that day, there were several in that group with quicker times than me.

Level 60 hit on Sunday 23 October. I had just shy of 4 million XP before the new levels. I have had several unsatisfactory brush off emails with zwift support. This is clearly a mistake and we should be accruing double XP after level 60 until our “bank” runs out. Please fix it and back date it to when we each hit level 60.


That is a very impressive time to get to 60! nice one!

Hopefully the XP fiasco is sorted soon

Can’t say i didn’t predict it - see my last line here

Banked XP Question - #10 by Chris_Holton


Any news on this?