New levels 50-60 - September 2022

Hi all -

We wanted to go into a little more detail about how you earn XP once you reach Level 50 Cyclist. The first part is for Zwifters who’ve been capped out at Level 50 for many years prior to the introduction of Levels 51 - 60 in September 2022. The second part is for Zwifters who reach this milestone in the future.

For Existing Level 50 Cyclists

Q I’ve been stockpiling experience points for years now. Why do I only have 500,000 now? Where’s the rest of my XP?

A; It takes 500,000 XP to reach Level 50. If you already surpassed level 50 XP, your XP will be reset to this level for reasons we’ll explain below. Fear not though! The rest of your XP you earned after hitting level 50 was banked.

Q: How do I earn XP now that I’m leveling up toward 51 and beyond?

A: As an OG Level 50 you’re leveling up at double XP speed. Your banked XP will be added 1:1 to the new XP you earn until you run out of your banked XP. No XP was taken away, it is just no longer seen in the Rider Score total in this screen:

Said another way, your Rider Score progress bar will move at 2x speed until your banked XP runs out. After that - your freshly-earned XP will move the progress bar along at 1x as it would for those who’ll hit the Level 50 milestone in the future.

Q: I probably have enough banked XP to be Level 60 already. Why not just make me Level 60?

A. We wanted to provide incentives to start leveling up again, with fun unlocks and unannounced Easter eggs along the way.

For Cyclists who reach Level 50 in the future:

Q; Will my XP reset to 500,00 like the Zwifters who were capped at 50 for years?

A; No. It takes 500,000 XP to reach Level 50, so you will not see any difference.

Q: How do I earn XP now that I’m levelling up toward 51 and beyond?

A: You will continue to earn XP at 1x speed because you have no banked XP. Do consider joining our annual Tour of Watopia events, which is everyone’s chance to earn double XP for each mile or kilometer ridden. The next Tour of Watopia is planned for 2023.