Level 50-60 increments?

Can anyone at Zwift explain the XP gaps between the levels after 50 please?
I’ve been grabbing double XPs since the TOW started and have only got past half way on my current level 55 after 10-12 hours of double XP. That means at standard rate XP’s these levels must be very long compared to pre level 50 it feels now.
Have they been extended?

XP, Levels, and Unlocks for Zwift Cyclists | Zwift Insider.

Thank you.
Looks like I’ve now gone from 20000 xp increments pre level 55 and now have 30000 xp between levels up to level 60 :frowning:
That’s why it feels harder to level up!

A background in Dungeons & Dragons prepares you for these things.