Zwift Play - Right Hand Controller Applies Brake 100% of Time

Need help with Zwift Play. Been using them for a while now. New issue today where the brakes are applied 100% of time when right hand controller is connected. If I disconnect, I’m good to go. Re-connect and the brake lights come on and stop my avatar from moving.

Left controller can be connected without an issue.

Contact Zwift support.

same issue, but for me its the left controller

I had an issue with the controller steering to the left and I was sent new controllers. Unfortunately, my issue now is that the brake is completely engaged with my left device. I reinstalled zwift on my computer and same issue. I then tried it with an old apple TV and no issues so I suspect that it has something to do with an interaction with my PC which has windows 11. Very annoying

Was there a solution to this? Mine just started acting up the same way. I have updated to the latest firmware.

Mine started working again two days ago. It didn’t work for multiple rides over multiple weeks, but I hadn’t had an opportunity to do anything with it.

In my mind, the fix was (a) the new software that rolled out with a specific bug fix, (b) firmware update clearing error or apply a specific bug fix, or (c) maybe the fact that i connected to iPad instead of TV for a ride on Tuesday. it worked first time connecting to iPad and then worked yesterday connecting to TV.

Seems like with the latest firmware update the issue is gone. Giving ride ons and using power ups where the controller would buzz will not auto brake. Will give a couple more rides and hope that is fixed.

I had a problem with the brakes applying at 100% and I am very confident that it was due to sweat getting in the controller. I am a profuse sweater and tried to protect the controllers. I put a towel over the top to shield them but on longer rides the towel got wet and eventually some moisture got in the unit. After a few months I had it happen once. Once it started happening it became more common (likely due to salt deposits in the controller). I opened up the unit and found that there is a separate board just for the steering and braking that is not well protected from moisture. Seems like it would be a simple fix to encase this board in a waterproof coating to prevent the problem. I was not able to jury rig a suitable fix and now the controllers sit unused. It’s not worth the risk of jumping into a race with them and take the chance of having the brakes applied to end it prematurely. I think having the option to disable the brakes is necessary

From what you saw when you opened the unit, can we easily disconect the brakes buttons?

I have exactly the same issue (100 % brake) with the right controller, after exactly four weeks of usage.

The manual paddle isn’t reacting at all, thus recalibration etc. are not working.

My educated guess is that it was damaged by sweat dripping into it. Corrosion or something.

Contacted Zwift support using and asked for a replacement.

I’ve just opened another ticket; requested 3rd set of controllers.

1st pair lasted a couple of months then the left controller stayed hard steering left; wouldn’t calibrate.

Next pair lasted only 8-10hrs riding and right play is now hard stuck braking. Again won’t calibrate or hard reset.

I haven’t opened them as they are warrantable but suspect the same moisture/sweat ingress issues.

EDIT: Curiosity got the better of me; opened up the original Left play (Constantly steering left) and it’s clearly moisture/sweat ingress; the small board was corroded front corner by the small connector; and the paddle sensors also had salty deposits. Gently cleaned the board up and voila; it calibrates and no longer steers left. However this would clearly be a very temporary fix, the corrosion will quickly return.

Out of interest I had a play with the old R controller too; this seems to work fine but actually if I watch the avatar brake light carefully it flickers with a very gentle touch of the paddle and sticks on for a second or so after releasing; I’m sure this is degrading quickly.

The play’s are in beta; so I’d like to think this is all good feedback (haptic or not) and a small hardware modification can be implemented to improve moisture resistance in this area.

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Zwift Play FAQ

Q: The Zwift Play experience is launching in beta, what does that mean?

A: While the Zwift Play experience is in beta, we will be aiming to test new features and functionality as we develop an entirely new way to Zwift. While in beta, we may contact Zwifters to see what they do and don’t like. Don’t worry—we want you to enjoy Zwift Play, so if you’d rather keep Zwifting instead of answering surveys, that’s OK with us!

Zwift Play controllers themselves aren’t in beta. These are final production units but available for a limited time at a discounted rate.

Q: Is Zwift Play waterproof?

A: The Zwift Play is not designed to be submerged in water or exposed to excessive moisture, please use a dry cloth to wipe your Zwift Play clean after each ride.

I certainly dry them off after every ride along with the rest of the bike/bars etc. I understand it’s a harsh environment but that’s what they are designed to be used in.

Disappointing to hear that the hardware is not considered beta; there is an obvious design flaw that means they are not reliable in normal use, they don’t last the warranty period and it needs fixing/modifying IMO.


No, there is one small connector to the paddle board that seems to have wires for the steering; braking and side button. So you can’t disconnect braking only.

Thanks Sam!


Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t encourage you to open up the controller, but this is an interesting discovery. If those controllers start acting up again - we’d like to have you return your set to ZHQ so we can examine them. I noticed that you have an email conversation ongoing with my Support Colleagues, They are standing by ready to assist with the return and warranty process.

As already noted upstream - we want to remind everyone that it’s important to wipe down your controllers after every ride and your bike more generally. For the Play controllers - undo its strap and wipe the controllers along the surface where they contact the handlebars. Putting a sheet of paper towel there before re-attaching the controllers can help prevent ingress along that surface.

Profuse sweat will soak the handlebar tape and corrode aluminum handlebars, the brifter internals, headset bearings, seize an aluminum stem to the fork, and do damage everywhere sweat can penetrate. Some people sweat more / less profusely, but everyone can take steps to minimize risk to their indoor bikes by laying a towel across the bars and along the top tube of the frame.

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Hi @shooj

Please note the one I opened was the original left; this pair were already replaced previously because this was stuck steering left.

I still have a ticket open with support because of the replacement pair; the right controller has now failed with brakes stuck on. I haven’t opened that one since it is only a few weeks old.

Happy to return them all for invest if I can have a working pair to use.


Thanks for the additional context. Just let my colleagues know via email that this is what you’d like to do. Whenever you’re ready for the exchange, we’ll send a replacement set.

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OK @shooj no problem; I have switched back to the original pair since the Left is now functional after the clean up and the right is still OK.

I will email on the support thread to confirm this plan and let them know if/when they fail again and also ask if they want the newer pair back now. (With the failed right controller).