Zwift Play - braking no longer works

I appear to have an issue with my Zwift Play controllers. The braking function no longer works in-game. Avatar doesn’t slow or anything, which it used to do. All other functions work.

Running the latest firmware (1.2.0)

Is it a known problem or a hardware one?

Thank you,

I’ve noticed the same issue with mine since 1.2.0

Think I may have cured the issue - reinstall the companion app and do a hard reset on controllers - make sure they are charged fully. Also reinstalled Zwift & re-paired everything. Now working again (so far) I get haptic feedback when applying the brakes.

do you pair via the companion app?

I’ve found I frequently have to calibrate my left controller as it often just decides to steer full left and the brake stops working.
Its also impossible to calibrate while zwift is open and the device paired - so in the middle of a race - its race over.

Think there needs to be an ability to adjust calibration while riding if this issue is persistent.