Zwift Play - poor functionality

I am extremely disappointed with the Zwift Play controllers. I was an early adopter, got them in beta version, and they have consistently disappointed me with problems. The most common issue is while riding, is one of the controllers will apply the brakes and nothing will make my avatar in Zwift be able to ride until I turn off the controllers.
Now my left controller will not power on. The button does not work. If I plug the controller in to charge it, the button will display green. But any attempts to turn on the controller get no response out of it. But then it will power itself on and the blue light will blink for much longer time than it should, it should time out and power down. But it will just randomly turn itself on and blink.

AFAIK they are still “beta”

The braking issue was supposedly fixed but there are several reports of this problem continuing

Controllers that won’t power on should probably be replaced

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